Jill MacKillop

I am pleased to share with you all my personal testimony, that it may be of an encouragement to you and to the glory of our awesome God!

I come from a Taoist background and am the 4th child in my family, with 1 brother and 4 sisters. My elder brother received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour more than thirty years ago as a student, and after a successful business career went to Seminary School, became a Pastor, now a Missionary. My childhood years were not without sufferings under the care of a disciplinarian father and my mum had to endure his ways which was very hard for her. They went through many marriage problems. As a result, we, their children, were wounded in our hearts. When I was a young adult, several Christian friends tried to evangelise to me, but there was no success. Even my brother tried to do the same but I continually rejected his act of loving kindness. I was very stubborn in my ways until I yielded to the power of God. By His grace, I became a born again Christian in August 2000 when the Lord revealed Himself to me during the closing prayer at a Church service in Hong Kong. All praise and glory be to the Lord!

Several months later, during a Christian weekend retreat, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and life started to change dramatically as I continued to walk by faith in the Lord and obedience to Him through times of trials and difficulties. Glory to the Lord! God was and will always be faithful. He continues to strengthen and lead my family and I as we look to Him as the centre of our lives in all things and in all circumstances. My husband and I became cell leader/host and we began to facilitate on the Alpha Course with our church, a Christian evangelism course. By His grace, the Lord also used us to help start a Prayer Ministry in our Church.

In May 2006, I attended a Deliverance and Healing Ministry and was delivered and healed of the pain of my past by our merciful God. Praise Him! It was also during this ministry that I suddenly and spontaniously broke into tongues after I was healed. My life continues to change as I am being transformed in His Spirit; an on-going process of every Christian. During this time, the Lord poured His blessings over me and I received His Word of Knowledge and Word of Prophecy through the use of the Bible. With the help and blessings of the Lord, this combination of knowledge and prophecy led me to start a personal, one to one counselling ministry which is still on-going. As these gifts developed through use for the glory of God, He added the discernment of spirits and an ability to explain the Scripture given in prophecies.

In August 2010 the Lord called me to distribute His prophetic Word widely, as He began to give me more and more Words for His Church and about the coming world changes. This website is the result of that calling. All glory, honour and power belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of my soul.

In September 2010, the Lord answered my prayer when He opened His door to one of my sisters, using me to lead her to the family of God at an unexpected opportunity. By His grace, my sister received the Lord as her Lord and Saviour. That was a wonderful gift to me and my family. Praise and glory to the Lord!

I am thankful to the Lord for during these years as a Christian, He has blessed me tremendously, giving me a wonderful husband and daughter who both love God, the family and the Church. As I was being humbled during challenges as a Christian, tested and broken; the Lord has always been my refuge and strength, helping me to grow as I stood on His promises; moulding and shaping me according to His will. I am still in that process and know this will continue. At the same time, God has been good to my husband, delivering and healing him of his past, filling him with the Holy Spirit, teaching and equipping him with wisdom and knowledge and using him for the glory of His kingdom.

With praise and thanksgiving to God, and by His grace, we are both humbled to be able to serve the Lord together in this ministry; to serve the Lord of Lords and King or Kings in “His Kingdom Prophecy”. We pray that the glory of the Lord be upon those He brings to read the postings, that they will be blessed, hearts changed and lives transformed by the power and glory of The Living God!

Praise and glory to the Lord forever and ever! Amen and Amen!



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