This is a short list of Prophetic websites in two categories, BIBLICAL END-TIME PROPHETIC WEBSITES and PROPHETIC WEBSITES. Please use godly spiritual discernment when viewing these sites. If you know of others, please do let us know!

1: Biblical End-time Prophetic Websites:

Beginning and EndBeginning and End “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the son of Man…” An End Time bible prophetic website explaining the Beginning from the End. With OT & NT Bible study materials relating to end times biblical prophecy. Free Church use of teaching materials is available.
image iconContending for the Truth Dr. Scott Johnson’s website contain information about all that is going on in the world today together with end-time bible study materials. Articles and teachings are available as MP3 files and PDFs.
Daniels ApocalypseProphecy Unveiled: (Previously Daniel’s Apocalypse): Revealing the End-Times written by Gale C. Stanford is a chapter by chapter analysis of the biblical book of Daniel revealing a startling parallel of the rise and fall of ancient Babylon to the United States. Mrs. Stanford began as an ardent student of eschatology, gifted with the ability to interpret Bible prophecy, who now considers herself a watchman of God’s people as the return of Christ fast approaches.
David HampDouglas Hamp ( specialized in ancient languages including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek he is the author of of Discovering the Language of Jesus, The First Six Days and Corrupting the Image numerous articles and has lectured on biblical languages, creationism and prophecy worldwide.
Prophecy.OrgProphecy.Org An interesting mix of prophecies, dreams and visions. We’re not sure quite what to make of it all, but a well visited site none the less :)
Gale StanfordProphecy Unveiled – The Last Days At Prophecy Unveiled, they believe that we are living in the last days and thus are committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with Believers around the world. Christ Jesus is extending knowledge through His servants of the events that will lead to His return.
The Mel K showThe Mel K Show Something’s not right. Things don’t make sense. Deep down you know this yet you can’t connect the dots. There are too many nonsensical parts, a barrage of contradictory information floating about. We know. We understand. The Mel K Show is here to help make sense of the senseless.
imageThe Omega Times and Prophet Brian Hay concentrated on the End-Times and the Prophetic and is supported by three couple who have a real heart of God. They focus on the behind-the-scenes developments in science and government which affect our lives and which are hard to find.
Unsealed ProphecyUnsealed Prophecy An ongoing update and review and comparison between bible prophecy and current events.
Watchman Video BroadcastWatchman Video Broadcast Pastor Micheal W. Hoggard compared to bible prophecy. Extensive video and MP3 coverage available free. Run by Bethel Church it has its own extensive resources related to end-times bible prophecy.

2: Prophetic Websites:


amanda grace ministriesAmanda Grace Ministries We are determined to spread the truth of God’s Word to this lost and dying world in a time of great deception and confusion. We are the light of the world and now is the time to shine more brilliantly than ever before!
Aslam's PlaceAslam’s Place Aslan’s Place has been a forerunner in bringing spiritual discernment to individuals and ministries throughout the world. Now that the time is ripe for a global spiritual outpouring, Aslan’s Place is uniquely positioned to equip believers for prophetic ministry in these crucial days.
A Word in SeasonA Word in Season Each week I issue a prophetic word entitled “A Word in Season” or you may read these words in archive through the website. They are also posted in several other websites listed under “Ministry” links. You are welcome to receive this word by signing up Here.
image iconBible Prophecy Blog News and Commentry from a Bible persepective from a number of noted Prophets. Includes links to Bible Prophecy Forums and newsletters and magazines.
Charisma MagazineCharisma Magazine One of the leading Christian publishing houses and websites. Up to date information on Prophetic Words and situations affecting Christians. Highly recommended!
image iconChavda Ministries International With over three miracle-packed decades of experience, Bonnie & Mahesh Chavda lead a worldwide apostolic ministry. The vision of CMI is to proclaim Christ’s kingdom with power, equip believers for ministry and usher in revival, preparing for the return of the Lord.
image iconChristian Prophecy A website is designed to provide a scriptural base and a practical ‘how to’ guide for those interested in prophecy. It is not designed to bring you the latest prophetic word but teach you how to use God’s gift.
image iconDale Gentry Ministries A Prayer and Prophetic voice since 1976 which continues to mobilize thousands of Christians to pray for another spiritual awakening in America as part of the Breakout Prayer Network. The vision was birthed in 1996 after leading prayer in the White House.
Doug AddisonDoug Addison gives high energy prophetic messages he shares on television, radio and the internet. His unique prophetic style empowers people to transform their lives, discover their destiny and understand dreams, tattoos and piercings. His messages remain with audiences long after.
image icon Dutch Sheets Ministries Dutch Sheets is an internationally renowned Prophetc, Pastor, speaker and author of many book on Intercrssory Prayer.
image iconFaith Tabernacle Home of the Spirit of Prophey Bulletin with “The Trumpet” by Bill Burns and “Small Straws in a Soft Wind” by Marsha Burns
image iconFaithfullness in Christ Ministries Inc The home of Raz & Beth Robinson and the daily “What the Lord is Saying Today” email posting. Extensive teaching materials and live broadcasts on the Prophetic Ministry are available here.
Cindy Jacobs - Generals InternationalGenerals International Cindy Jacobs is a respected prophet who travels the world ministering not only to crowds of people, but to heads of nations. Perhaps her greatest ministry is to world influencers who seek her prophetic advice. Her first calling is and always will be prophetic intercession.
Theresa PhilipsGlobal Prophetic Voice Apostle Theresa Phillips has been given a Mandate from the Lord Himself in a Face to Face Encounter to Take the message of the Realm of The Throne room to Help Strengthen a weakened Body of Christ and the Lost in the streets ..
image iconGlory of Zion International Ministries Inc. Dr. Charles D. “Chuck” Pierce has been used by God to intercede and mobilize prayer worldwide. An ordained minister, he serves as President of Glory of Zion International Ministries. This ministry facilitates the vision of other apostolic ministries worldwide.
Ian JohnsonHis Amazing Glory Ministries Ian Johnson is an itinerant Prophetic Revelator and Revivalist from Auckland New Zealand who with His wife Joye minister and encourage the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm. Ian & Joye are committed members of Horizon Church in Auckland NZ
image iconKathleen Pirl Ministries A resource to the Body of Christ and to the nations, this ministry provides instruction for proper Biblical interpretation, prophetic awareness, cultivating of spiritual growth! Through all types of media, they help educate the church and as a witness to the world that we all serve a Risen Savior!
Mary LindowMary Lindow This blog is filled with encouragement, teaching, timely articles and prophetic insights from Mary Lindow and from other believers all around the globe. You will hear from children, youth, and adults … All expressing the heart-cry of the Heavenly Father.
image iconPatricia King Prophetic Ministry As a prophet, teacher, preacher and author, her message is the unbreakable, eternal, covenant established between God and Man through the finished work of Christ on the cross, preaching Jesus crucified, as God shows His love in supernatural power at work today.
Phyllis FordPhyllis Ford Ministries takes the truth of God’s word from the Church to hurting people. Jesus is the Redeemer who forms and frames our lives. His touch provides anointing for restoration and healing, empowering us to walk in Kingdom awareness and equip us to be part of His end-time remnant.
Spirit FuelSpirit Fuel is a Christian content network with the genre niche of the supernatural and prophetic as well as various types of Christ centered teaching, training, motivation and inspiration.
terry Bennett ministriesTerry Bennett Ministries. For more than 30 years, Terry and his wife Donna have served in full-time ministry. They have pioneered and pastored a number of churches during this time, as well as participating in Shiloh, an international prophetic ministry based in Kansas City, MO.
image iconThe Elijah List Transmit around the world, in agreement with Holy Scripture, fresh daily prophetic “manna” from the Lord, regarding the days in which we live. Their purpose is to give trustworthy, daily prophetic worship and intercessory “content” to as many Believers (and even Unbelievers) as possible.
Priscilla Van Sutphin author imageUpstream Ministries demonstrates the love of Jesus in whatever manner He chooses to lead and ministering hope to the lost who don’t know Him through whatever means capable throughout the nations, (healing, provision of food, clothing, money, prayer, etc.)
image from websiteLife on the Vine As well as prophecy, on this site you will find instant downloads of free biblical resources and education made for the sojourners in the faith, the upcoming watchmen, prophets, teachers, pastors, seers (dreams and visions), family leaders, kingdom financers, business owners, missionaries, evangelists, community leaders, healers, ministers, intercessors, worshippers, helpers, administrators, hosts — all parts of the body.


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