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NEW:   Overcoming Life – on a Small Planet, “Heaven Style Living for Earthlings” by Ron McGatlin.  The curse of false prophets and teachers causes progressive degeneration in the people, in family structures, and the nation, (Deuteronomy 5:9).  For an in depth study of this degenerative progression read, “The Babylonian Family Pattern” Chapters 18 and 19 in the book.  149 pages.

A Modern-Day Parable:  by Ron McGatlin.  Jesus spoke deep truths of the kingdom in simple stories about natural things with profound spiritual meaning. The people with “ears to hear” heard deep Spirit truth and revelation from His simple stories. This 35 page book, is a prophetic allegory that brings clear enlightenment about the events of today, how we have come to this place, and where things are going from here. A story of truth about the people of THE MOUNTAIN OF GOD.

The Resurrection of the USAThe Resurrection of the USA – A Word of Hope – Prospering in the Midst of Chaos and Disruption :- by Pastor Joseph G. Sweet.
This small book is a series of revelations given by the Lord Jesus Christ, concerning the USA, which Pastor Sweet received beginning in 2007. These revelations are prophetic words that contain HOPE for the future of the USA.  They include wisdom and counsel on what is coming and how to successfully navigate the unprecedented days ahead.
Hard Copies of this book are available at Shekinah Worship Center.

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A Required Resource Reference for ALL Bible Scholars
A Dictionary of the Proper Names of the Old and New Testament Scriptures ~ being an Accurate and Literal Translation from the Original Tongues  by J. B. Jackson

Reestablishing Your Authority :-  by His Kingdom Prophecy. Based on our Prayer Ministry experience, this 18 page e-booklet guide is designed and structured to help you re-establish your authority over your circumstances and vanquish the enemy from your life and from your family.

150 Bible Chapters :- on the End Times by IHOP-KC Mission Base.

Christianity is not a Religion :- by James A. Fowler.  A 168 page E-Book asserting that Christianity is not a Religion but Christianity is Christ!

Derek Prince :- Teaching Letters Part 1
Derek Prince :- Teaching Letters Part 2

book cover imageFor We Need To Start Somewhere :- by Yolanda Ballard.  A 67 page e-book to encourage those who have struggled for so long to find their place in the body of Christ and to be able to function in it.  To those who have not been able to break through the barriers built around themselves by the enemy of their soul and also by their own doing.  To those who have been locked in the midst of fears, insecurities, hurts and pain, there is hope. There is life for you in the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  The Lord Jesus Christ died to give you life.  He promised you an abundant life here on this earth.

God’s Generals :-  God’s Generals – Why They Succeeded and Why some Failed, by Roberts Liardon.  The stories of 12 of God’s General’s and their lived for Him.  A 371 page e-book.  Articles on John Alexander Dowie, Maria, Woodworth Etter, Evan Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kuhlman, A.A. Allen and others.

Overcoming the Victim Spirit :-  By Arthur Burk.  A 65 page E-book covering all aspects of the Victim Spirit.  Chapter heading: 1 The Many Faces of the Victim Spirit,  2  The Dominion Mandate,  3  The Victim Mindset,  4  Demonic Partners,  5  Deliverance,  6  Growth Sequences,  7 Enforcing Freedom.

Prayers that Release Heaven On Earth :- Apostle John Eckhardt.  This is 69 page e-book version in English and Chinese.  Can be downloaded in PDF Format or Editable MSWord Format.

Rapture or No Rapture YOU Decide :- by Pastor Brain Hay

The Early Christians by Eberhard Arnold :- A history of early Christians in their own words.

The Final Conflict is Upon Us :-  A 220 page E-Book by Pastor Brian Hay of explaining and revealing the facts behind the end-times works of Satan which main-stream media refuses to acknowledge.

The Names of Jesus :- by Elmer L. Towns.  A 106 page E-Book with over 700 names of the Holy Spirit.

The Names of the Holy Spirit :- by Elmer L. Towns,  A 143 page E-Book.

The Pursuit of God :- by A. W. Tozer.  One of the classic Christian book from the last 100 years.  a MUST READ for all Christians.

The Prayer Book :- Hundreds of Prayers for all occasions.

The Seven Biblical Curses – Deliverance Prayers :- by Pastor Arthur Burk, 2002.  A 22 page e-book with full explanation of The Seven Old Testament Biblical Curses and the related seven Deliverance Prayers.  The Zip files contains both PDF and editable MS Word files.

The Wisdom of the Sadhu Sundar Singh by the Indian Christian Sadhu, Sundar Singh

Tongues – A Biblical Study :- by Dr. Saneesh Cherian & Dr. Johnson C. Philip.  A study from a Cessationist, but still valuable view point.   WARNING: The views and conclusions contained are not endorsed or supported by His Kingdom Prophecy.

The-Walk-Of-The-Spirit-The-Walk-Of-Power coverThe Walk of the Spirit – The Walk of Power:  The vital Role of Praying in Tongues by Dave Roberson.    15 Chapters, 3 Appendices and 219 Pages.
All you need to know about praying in Tongues….


Other E-Books Download Locations :

Amazon :-  Christian Books and Bibles – not free be many for very little.

Barnes & Noble :- A collection of 660 Christian eBooks.

Brothersoft :- Offers a free download of the Holy Bible.  You can find a free version of the Bible on many numerous sites.  You don’t have to register in order to download the Bible like other sites.  Just click and download.

Communion with God Ministries :- Most of their books are only available in electronic form (i.e., they are not available to be purchased in hard copy at this time), and may be freely downloaded and circulated with the one requirement that they must be distributed with the copyright information intact.

Christian Books :- 2,440 books on Christian life and living for all readers.  New and up to date publications.  At a price.

Christian Media :- Wide selection of Bible study material. Has a limited selection of fiction eBooks and these are mostly books that would fall into the classical category.  For example the Time Machine by HG Wells, or Ben Hur by Lee Wallace.   This site has four pages of various books for download.

Dave Roberson Ministries :-  Dave provides an extensive collection of eBooks, mini-books, videos, MP3s prophecies, and other teaching materials, such as letters.

Disciples of Jesus Ministry :-  An interesting collection of free eBbooks and articles – quite extensive.

Discovery House Publishing :- An extensive selection of eBooks for Christian living at a price.

E-Library – Christian E-Books :- Plenty choice, some free mostly at a price.

Free Catholic Books :- Offers nice resources for those of the Catholic faith.  This website has 20 pages of books, each having 12 books per page.  This site includes everything from doctrinal commentary, to classics (like Dante’s Inferno), to biographies (like of Mother Theresa).  These documents open up in PDF, so you better have Acrobat reader.

Global Christians :- Has a huge database of doctrinally based books for download.  It is subdivided further into different categories that match what you are looking for.  For example they have a bible study section, a ministry and theology section, and a Christian living ethics and social issues section.  Just click on the book that you want and the download begins almost immediately.

Heart of Wisdom :- 18 Free Christian eBooks for Kindle or Online or IPhone.

Hope Faith Prayer :-   This blog is all about FAITH, Bible faith, faith in God, growing faith, and using faith. Plant Hope, harvest Faith, and release it in Prayer – The Mechanics of Faith. There is nothing more important. 150+ Free E-books available for download.

Jesus :- Has a few motivational eBooks.  They mainly have doctrinal books, but there is a handful of motivational books as well.  The link provided takes you to the motivational eBooks.

Jesus Army Library :- A good selection of books.  The Jesus Army (also known as the Jesus Fellowship Church) aims to be a contemporary expression of the historic Christian faith.  All kinds of people are involved: young and old, rich and poor.  The Jesus Army is particularly active with many in need, including homeless young people, prisoners and ex-prisoners and those involved in alcohol and drug abuse.

Monergism :- Has a very large database of free Christian eBooks.  On this site each book is listed by author.  It seems that most of the books on this site are limited to doctrinal commentary and interpretation.  You can easily access authors from Calvin to Edersheim.  This site requires a little more digging if you are looking for a specific topic, if you are looking for a specific author it does very well.

NTS Lirary :- Has a wide array of doctrinal books, from apologetics to theology and worship.  This website is organized topically, once you click on the topic then you gain access to the various books that they have available.

Old Landmark Publishing :- A number of eBooks and Bibles available at a price.

Online Christian Library :-  The Online Christian Library of Theological Resources  is regularly updated and is non-denominational, representing a diverse selection of theological positions for the purpose of providing the reader with information on different positions which may challenge our thinking on an existing position and thereby lead, through study, to a more educated understanding.  Lots of PDF E-Books for free download.

Open Heaven.Com :-  Extensive Free Downloads of Kingdom/Apostolic Books, Articles & Audio/Video Teachings By: Ron McGatlin – Wolfgang Simson -David Orton – Kriston Couchey – Byron Wiebold – Marc A Dupont – Wade E Taylor – George H Warnock – Charles Elliot Newbold Jr.

RC Publications :- An extensive collection of free eBooks and articles covering the whole Christian life.  Certainly with a visit to brouse.

The New Life Mission :- The New Life Mission works to spread the Gospel of the water and the Spirit all over the world through literature.  By introducing the website to someone close to you so that he may download free Christian e-books, you become a precious participant of serving God through spreading the Gospel of the water and the Spirit.  Multiple languages available.

The Plough :- A wide collection of resources for Christian living: free Christian books to download and timely articles.  Search by topic, author or title. For those who love real books, visit the books in print page.

The Plough Articles :- A large selection of Christian articles.

The Olive Tree :- Christian eBooks for All Mobile Devices at a price.

Up Stream Ministries :- Christian Website.

Book Stores :

Elmer L Towns :- Online Christian books

Great Commission Publications :- a ministry of the Committee on Christian Education of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Committee for Christian Education & Publications of the Presbyterian Church in America. The non-profit corporation is jointly run by a representative Board of Trustees consisting of ministers and elders from both churches. Especially for kid’s books.

Christian Videos:

NPN VIDEOS:-  A collection of 96 Christian DVDs and 20 Christian books available online.  A very interesting collection and worth a visit.



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