The following are Pastor & Evangelist Bill Subritzky’s BOOKS
available for free download from Dove Ministries:


Chosen Destiny

Pat Subritzky
Chosen DestinyThe Pat Subritzky Story
This is not merely a Cinderella story, but the true life testimony of how God can choose a woman and empower her with his Holy Spirit to reach the lost and needy.
Before her passing into Glory in March 2011, Pat was the wife of Evangelist, Bill Subritzky, with whom she travelled throughout the world, teaching and preaching to women about the love of Jesus Christ.
This autobiography will lift your faith in God.

Free Download
Chosen Destiny by Pat Subritzky.pdf (339KB)

Deliverance from Depression

Anne Plank
Deliverance from Depression“I believe the message in this book holds the key to deliverance for many people. So often in counseling others, we find many people who are deeply depressed and often prayer does not seem to be of avail. It is only as they deliberately decide to break free from the past and look to the future with the Lord that they are set free. That is the message of this book and it is a powerful message!”
From the foreword by Bill Subritzky.

Free Download
Deliverance from Depression by Anne Plank and Bill Subritzky.pdf (152Kb)

Demons Defeated

Overcoming demonic influences in your life

Bill Subritzky
Demons DefeatedIn this book evangelist Bill Subritzky describes demons, who they are, their manifestations and how we can be delivered.
He exposes the strong men, including Antichrist, Death and Hell and Jezebel. He faces whether a Christian can have a demon, methods of deliverance and how deliverance can be maintained.
The edition includes prayers for deliverance, release from curses, soul-ties and Freemasonry.

Free Download
Demons Defeated by Bill Subritzky.pdf (623KB)

Escape from New Age Deception

Paul Simpson
Escape from New Age DeceptionA gripping story, full of hope for those searching for spiritual truth.
After exploring Christian Science, Hinduism, Spiritism and the Occult, Paul and Alison Simpson finally found the Christian peace that passes understanding

Free Download
Escape from New Age Deception by Paul Simpson.pdf (179KB)

Foundations for Spiritual Growth

Pat Subritzky
Foundations for Spiritual GrowthFoundations for Spiritual Growth is a teaching manual for women.
Part 1: Steps and stages to effective ministry
Part 2: Moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
Part 3: Deliverance from demons and curses
Each section provides clear, easy-to-understand Scriptural teaching plus instructions for practical group involvement.
It is suitable for large seminars or small groups as well as for personal study and individual application.
Note: Foundations for Spiritual Growth seminars are available on DVD and CD.

Free Download
Foundations for Spiritual Growth.pdf (245KB)

God’s Power Today

Pat Subritzky
God's Power TodayA Teaching Manual for Women
Part 1: Ministering in God’s power
Part 2: Impartation of God’s power
Part 3: Transfer by touch
Part 4: Growing in God’s power
This manual encourages you to pursue God’s power in your life. She believes that He desires us to move in such a way that has never been seen or experienced.
For this to happen, people need to be trained so that God can accomplish great things through us.

Free Download
God’s Power Today by Pat Subritzky.pdf (58KB)

Growing in the Spirit

Pat Subritzky
Growing in the SpiritGrowing in the Spirit manual is for women who have been born again, baptised with the Holy Spirit and moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and is an ideal follow-on from Pat’s first teaching series Foundations for Spiritual Growth.
The teaching is suitable for large seminars or small groups as well as for personal study and individual application.
Note: Growing in the Spirit seminar is also available on DVD and CD.

Free Download
Growing in the Spirit by Pat Subritzky.pdf (221KB)

How to be Born Again

Receive forgiveness and the promise of eternal life

Bill Subritzky
How to be Born Again“Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” (John 3:3.)
In this book evangelist Bill Subritzky explains what does it mean to be born again? Why do you need to be born again? What are the barriers to being born again?
This book shows how the radical experience of becoming “born again” leads to reconciliation with God, forgiveness of sin plus the promise of eternal life.
Here is a straight-forward, easy-to-read book for non-Christians and Christians alike.

Free Download
How to be Born Again by Bill Subritzky.pdf (380KB)

How to Cast Out Demons and Break Curses

Find release and freedom from curses

Bill Subritzky
How to Cast Out Demons and Break CursesThis book has been written by the author of the best selling book, “Demons Defeated”.
It provides easily understood instructions on how to cast out demons and break curses.
It will be a useful handbook to those involved in this ministry.
It also provides much understanding for those who feel oppressed or driven by the demonic.

Free Download
How to Cast out Demons and Break Curses by Bill Subritzky.pdf (214KB)

How to Overcome Fear

Bill Subritzky
How to Overcome FearThis book is written in a straight-forward manner to encourage those who are deeply troubled by fear and anxiety.
The explanations and methods of dealing with fear from a Scriptural basis are set out and have been proven by the author in his own experiences.

Free Download
How to Overcome Fear by Bill Subritzky.pdf (246KB)

How to Read Your Bible in One Year (Pamphlet)

Bill Subritzky
How to Read Your Bible in One YearBill Subritzky says, “I believe that for every believer, the daily reading of the Word of God is absolutely essential.
Every day we need to allow our faith to grow and be built upon that Word. I know this Bible reading plan will greatly bless you.”

Free Download
How to read your Bible in one year.pdf (133KB)

How to Receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Bill Subritzky
How to Receive the Baptism with the Holy SpiritIn this book Bill Subritzky explains the meaning of the baptism with the Holy Spirit and provides instructions on how you can receive this dynamic and empowering experience of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Free Download
How to Receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit by Bill Subritzky.pdf (280Kb)

I Believe in Miracles

Bill Subritzky
I Believe in MiraclesThis is the true life story of a mother’s anguish and the miraculous healing of her dying son.
“The disease crippling my son couldn’t be classified. Now I was scared. At 11 years of age Grant was wheel-chair bound, facing a life of misery and premature death.”
Dianne Parker relates the incredible true life story of a son in excruciating pain and seemingly beyond medical help who is miraculously healed as God touched him and answered the family’s prayers.

Free Download
I Believe in Miracles by Dianne Parker and Bill Subritzky.pdf (318KB)

Insights for Women Volume 2

Pat Subritzky
Insights for Women Volume 2Do you want to live a life that exhibits Christ’s character even in the midst of tough times?
In this book Pat Subritzky helps us to see that God will be with us through good and times when we ask Him.
This book also includes Pat’s testimony of God’s goodness while journeying through illness.

Free Download
Insights for Women Volume 2 by Pat Subritzky.pdf (700KB)

Insights for Women Volume 3

Pat Subritzky
Insights for Women Volume 3This book by Pat Subritzky will encourage you to pursue your destiny in the Lord.
It will challenge your ideas about the perfect women.
It will address your need to be valued and inspire you to live in victory.

Free Download
Insights for Women Volume 3 by Pat Subritzky.pdf (644KB)

Key to God’s Healing and Deliverance

Bill Subritzky
Key to God's Healing and DeliveranceThis book is intended for those who wish to press into the love and power of God.
In a simple yet profound way evangelist Bill Subritzky, who moves in the signs and wonders ministry, explains what he has learned from praying for tens of thousands of people for healing and deliverance.
This is a vital Bible based handbook for those who are seeking a healing miracle from God. It can transform your life.
The book deals with key issues including; receiving answers to our prayers; healing at the crossing; knowing the anointing of the Holy Spirit; how Demons enter; requirements for deliverance; breaking curses and soul ties; overcoming rejection; praying successfully.

Free Download
Keys to God’s Healing and Deliverance by Bill Subritzky.pdf (641KB)

Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Bill Subritzky
Ministering in the Power of the Holy SpiritThis manual will assist people to competently minister in churches, prayer groups, counseling and Christian outreaches in the areas of: Salvation, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, Deliverance, Testimony, Preaching, Teaching, Prayer, Intercession and Fasting.
Each session begins with a specific teaching and is then followed by practical group involvement.
This course can easily be adapted for large seminars or small groups or individual study and application.
Note: Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit seminar is also available on CD and DVD and includes this manual.

Free Download
Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit.pdf (753KB)

Miracle at Dubbo

Bill Subritzky and Pat Shepherd
Miracle at DubboWhen Evangelist Bill Subritzky conducted a healing crusade at Dubbo in New South Wales, there were many reports of miraculous healings, signs and wonders. This is one of them.
The incredible account of Pat Shepherd, a wife and mother who had suffered for 30 years from a debilitating sickness, and then cortisone dependency – healed in an instant as God touched her and answered her prayers.

Free Download
Miracle at Dubbo.pdf (217KB)

On The Cutting Edge

Bill Subritzky
On The Cutting EdgeIn this exciting story, Bill reveals insights about his life in the early years before he became a Christian, including how he came from a life of poverty as a youth to one of the most successful businessmen in New Zealand.
On the Cutting Edge also includes Bill’s testimony of how accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour rescued his marriage and changed his life.
Bill then shares on how God has taken him and his wife, Pat, around the world to preach the Gospel and witness many miraculous healings and deliverances.
It includes forewords by the King of Tonga and Derek Prince.

Free Download
On The Cutting Edge (517KB)

Receiving God’s Blessing

Pat Subritzky
Receiving God's BlessingA Teaching Manual for Women.
Part 1: God’s blessing explained
Part 2: Receiving God’s blessing
Part 3: How to minister to others
Part 4: Ministry
Receiving God’s Blessing explains the move of God sometimes referred to as ‘The Toronto Blessing’ and shows how we can enter into a time of refreshing and an overall empowerment granted by the Holy Spirit.

Free Download
Receiving Gods Blessing.pdf (169KB)

Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Bill Subritzky
Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit The author helps the reader to distinguish between the Holy Spirit gifts and the fruit of the Spirit.
He explains how we can receive and use the gifts and offers valuable wisdom on finding your place in the body of Christ.
After laying the biblical foundation for the gifts of the Spirit, the author goes on to deal with each of the gifts in turn and gives straightforward, practical advice on how to use them personally both in a small group setting and in public meetings.

Free Download
Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.pdf (310KB)

The Easy Bible Reading Plan (Pamphlet)

Pat Subritzky
The Easy Bible Reading Plan“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)
This is an easy-to-follow one-year Bible reading plan originally published in Charisma magazine re-presented by Pat Subritzky to make it available for young or busy Christians looking for an easy-to-follow guide to reading the Bible on a daily basis.
(Note: This is the same Bible reading plan as our book titled “How to Read Your Bible in One Year”.)

Free Download
The Easy Bible Reading Plan.pdf (322Kb)

The Secret of God’s Anointing

Bill Subritzky
The Secret of God's AnointingIn this easy-to-read booklet, Evangelist Bill Subritzky explains the meaning of the Anointing of God and shows how you can know this dynamic, Scriptural experience of God’s presence in your life.

Free Download
The secret of God’s Anointing book.pdf (95KB)

Victory in Jesus

Bill Subritzky
Victory in JesusA comprehensive teaching on discipleship and practical Christian living.
In this book he teaches on six basic doctrines essential for effective and power-filled Christianity: repentance, faith towards God, baptism, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment.
This practical teaching is valuable to all who want to strengthen their faith and deepen their walk with God.

Free Download
Victory in Jesus.pdf (421KB)

Why I Am A Christian

Bill Subritzky
Why I Am A ChristianIn this book Bill Subritzky testifies about his life before his Christian experience and then what has happened since.
It is a compelling testimony to the overwhelming love of God and His miraculous power to change us for the better.

Free Download
Why I Am A Christian by Bill Subritzky.pdf (642Kb)

Why I Am A Christian (Booklet)

Pat Subritzky
Why I Am A Christian booklet In this booklet Pat Subritzky describes her life experiences and how she has became a successful mother and grandmother, with the help of the Lord.
It is a tremendous testimony to the love of God and demonstrates the miracle working power of God and the life of anyone who is prepared to listen.
Note: Booklet size is: 160x85mm which is a great size for giving away or posting.

Free Download
Why I Am A Christian – Pat Subritzky (233KB)

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Bill Subritzky E-Books — 17 Comments

  1. I am happy to find this site. God bless the family of our fathers in the Lord Bill and TBJ. I look forward to following them as they followed Christ.

  2. Heart goes out to the family’s of Late Bill Subritzky. He is God general that all of us are learning from. Thanks for making these books free for us. May the Holy Spirit helps us to study them for the Kingdom business.

  3. To God be the Glory, I came across Bills book Demons defeated and after reading it, I was greatly blessed. After some time I lost and just recently I bought another copy and was able to locate his other books online which I downloaded freely.Learning of Bills passing into glory I write to testify the blessing his life and ministry had been to me.Kindly keep the good work going.Your labour in never in vain in the Lord.

  4. I Came across Bills books way back in high school as a Form 2 in 1991.
    Our Christian Union Patron bought the books and I read Demons Defeated!
    Since then any time I desire to study and teach deliverance I find Bills Books very helpful.
    May God bless New Zealand, the country Bill grew up in, May God bless and comfort Bill’s family members, may the Anointing to Preach and Teach on Deliverance Increase,may mighty waves of deliverance be released to thee body of Christ, the Prophet TB Joshua, like Evangelist Bill have shown Africa and the whole world what deliverance ministry can do in healing and setting the captives free!
    Bill you showed us the importance of deliverance, the baton is passed on.

    Rev. Steve Kathaka Gichobi,
    Founder and Pastor, Kingdom Life Christian Ministry aka Kingdom Life Chapel, Bungoma, Kenya.



    On Wednesday 23rd December, 2015, Evangelist Bill Subritzky was promoted to glory. We at Emmanuel TV and The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) thank God for the life and ministry of God’s General, Bill Subritzky and for his peaceful passing.

    The legacy of Evangelist Bill Subritzky will live on forever in the hearts of believers worldwide and the countless thousands who came to the knowledge of saving grace through his ministry.

    Bill Subritzky was for 33 years a senior partner in a large law firm in Auckland, New Zealand and also the founder and Governing Director of one of New Zealand’s largest home building companies. Following his conversion more than 40 years ago, God called him to a worldwide ministry as an Evangelist. He has travelled and ministered globally with miraculous signs following and many major healings attested to in his meetings. He has written 14 books and produced many DVDs dealing with various aspects of the Christian life. Books such as ‘Demons Defeated’ became bestsellers and have been translated into many languages.

    As Christians, our life is a race. As ministers, our life is a warfare. Like Apostle Paul, his warfare was accomplished. His race was run well. He has fought a good fight; the course is good, the victory is sure. God’s General Bill Subritzky can now say, “I have kept the faith. I have kept the doctrine of the Gospel and the grace of faith. I never betrayed any of them.”

    As 2 Timothy 4:6-8 says, “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing”.

    The crown of believers is a crown of righteousness that is purchased by the righteousness in Christ Jesus. Believers have it – not at present yet it is sure, for it is laid up for them. Thus, we who have faith in Christ Jesus look at death not as a full stop but a comma. Whether we die young or old, what matters is the grace to continue living hereafter. Death to a believer in Christ Jesus is his release from the imprisonment of this world and his departure to the enjoyment of another world.

    As we celebrate the life and legacy of God’s General, Bill Subritzky, let this moment prompt your hearts to make the biggest decision as he did – what to do with Jesus Christ. You need not fear where you are going when you know Jesus is going with you.

    We at Emmanuel TV and The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations offer our heartfelt condolences to the entire Subritzky family and members of his ministry. We pray that God would give them the grace to bear the loss.

    Bill Subritzky and TB Joshua enjoyed a mutual respect and a special bond as fellow soldiers and ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit. They could encourage each other with their insights into the spiritual realm that few others had. This opened doors to set more captives free!

    As our father in the Lord, Bill Subritzky has discovered, when we close our eyes to all things in this world, we would open them in a world of glory.

    Those who are born from above long to be there.

    “This is one of God’s Generals whom I look unto. What a God’s General we miss! I can’t wait to pay tribute. I know where you are going – home. Heaven knows.”

  6. Am blessed to find someone who is in the deliverance ministry.
    I need more information.
    God has called me in that ministry of healing and deliverance.

  7. Bill and the family are a blessing of God to Christianity in this age. they are both inspirational and instrumental in equipping the body of Christ with bible knowledge. God bless you.

    Mazimba – Africa – Zambia

  8. I’ve heard quite a lot about Bill from my wife & look forward to reading with study the writings on deliverance… Thanks for making them available.

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