The following teaching letters are available as free DOC and PDF downloads by the kind permission of the author, Pastor Nana Kobina Baisie. 

Pastor Baisie is a Teacher/Pastor at Nadrim Mission International School, Busan, Korea.

Pastor Baisie’s Bible teaching reveals scripture in a way relevant and practical for us today.      (NEW)

ARTICLE TITLE Word download PDF download
Called and Sent Out  (Parts 1-9) 88Kb MS.doc 205Kb .pdf
Discounted by Men – Counted by God  (Parts 1-2) 42Kb MS.doc 107Kb .pdf
Exhortations for Good Christian Living  (Parts 1-7) 84Kb MS.doc 202Kb .pdf
From Slavery to Sonship  (Parts 1-6) 84Kb MS.doc 206Kb .pdf
Hindrances to True Discipleship  (Parts 1-3) 53Kb MS.doc 141Kb .pdf
It’s a Privilege to be Called by Jesus!  (Parts 1-2) 46Kb MS.doc 185Kb .pdf
It’s a Privilege to Know Jesus!  (Parts 1-2) 45Kb MS.doc 139Kb .pdf
Jesus Rebukes Vindictiveness  (Parts 1-2) 43Kb MS.doc 124Kb .pdf
Life for the Dead!   (Parts 1-2) 47Kb MS.doc 190Kb .pdf
Lessons from Jesus’ Transfiguration  (Parts 1-4) 59Kb MS.doc 162Kb .pdf
Lord, Teach us to Pray   (Parts 1-8) 87Kb MS.doc 220Kb .pdf
One Seed, Diverse Soils   (Parts 1-4) 60Kb MS.doc 125Kb .pdf
Salvation is Free and Universal   (Parts 1-2) 44Kb MS.doc 170Kb .pdf
The Acts of the Sinful Nature  (Parts 1-8) 94Kb MS.doc 196Kb .pdf
The Ahava Conference  (Parts 1-3) 51Kb MS.doc 123Kb .pdf
The Cost of True Discipleship  (Parts 1-2) 43Kb MS.doc 122Kb .pdf
The Covenant Keeping God  (Parts 1-2) 42Kb MS.doc 116Kb .pdf
The Fruit of the Spirit  (Parts 1-18) 234Kb MS.doc 426Kb .pdf
The Good Samaritan   (Parts 1-5) 68Kb MS.doc 192Kb .pdf
The Lord of the Sabbath  (Parts 1-2) 42Kb MS.doc 131Kb .pdf
Towards a Successful Mission  (Parts 1-3) 48Kb MS.doc 132Kb .pdf
What happens when Believers PRAY?  (Parts 1-2) 42Kb MS.doc 104Kb .pdf
Workers in the Lord’s Vineyard  (Parts 1-2) 48Kb MS.doc 106Kb .pdf

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