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NEW!!!! Pastor Brian Hay of Omega Times has created the 266 page Electronic Book entitled Skeptics say nothing happened in September 2015 and is available here as a free download.
All support files which Pastor Brian used are also available here as free downloads.
The Final Conflict is Upon Us :- A 220 page E-Book by Pastor Brian Hay of explaining and revealing the facts behind the end-times works of Satan which main-stream media refuses to acknowledge.


all of grace “ All of Grace”

By C. H. Spurgeon ++Download++ (137Kb)
In this 67 page book, Spurgeon outlines the plan of salvation in such clear, simple language that everyone can understand and be drawn to the Father. This classic is summed up in Spurgeon’s final cry to the reader, “Meet me in heaven!”

barbarians at the gate “Barbarians Inside the Gates –
The Black Book of Bolshevism” By Donn de Grand Pre ++Download++ (2.05Mb)
A 434 page E-book. When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.
cognitive dissonance Cognitive Dissonance

By David Icke ++Download++ (1.3Mb)
A 20 page E-book, the “key to the understanding of the world” as the author says, or how to understand and deal with contradictory positions and minds. How to cope with two-mindedness and self deception.

DDUSA “Dumbing Down Society part 1″

By Johnny Liberty ++Download++ (1.00Mb)
A 33 page E-book. Is there deliberate effort by the government and those in power to “dumb down” the masses?

GGG Gold Government or God

By Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (64.7Mb)
A 156 page E-Book looking at the history, interactions, conflicts and behind the scenes action in Gold and Government relationships and how God relates to it all – with particular reference to Biblical End Times revelations and prophecy.

humility “ Humility”

By Andrew Murray ++Download++ (234Kb)
This 29 page book is a Christian Classic. Murray calls all Christians to turn from pride, empty themselves, and study the character of Christ to be filled with His grace. Often called the best work on Humility ever written.

keys “ Keys to God’s Healing & Deliverance “

By Bill Subritzky ++Download++ (1.16Mb)
This 213 page book deals with issues including; receiving answers to prayers; healing at the crossing; knowing the anointing of the Holy Spirit; how Demons enter; requirements for deliverance; breaking curses and soul ties; overcoming rejection; praying successfully.

lie “LIE of the Ages – History’s Fatal Falsehood”

By Todd Tomasella ++Download++ (2.94Mb)
A 693 page E-book. Todd Tomasella carefully explains his position that “once saved, always saved” is false by using the authority of the Bible. Recommended to anyone that wants to do more research on this topic.

NDC “None Dare Call it Conspiracy”

By G. Allen & L. Abraham ++Download++ (2.045Mb)
A 93 page E-book. Its premise is that international bankers and power elites are working to create a one world government.

GSH “The Global Sovereign’s Handbook”

By Johnny Liberty ++Download++ (3.44Mb)
A 345 page E-book. How the US Government, Money and the Federal Reserve really work, and how it is manipulated by those in power and behind the scenes for their own personal benefit and at your expense.

man “The Man Behind the Myth – seeing Jesus as He really is “

By R. Howard-Browne ++Download++ (1.19Mb)
A 457 page Bible-Based E-book, seeking to understand what Jesus was really like from the Bible descriptions of Him.

MMBSA “The Money Manipulators”

By June Grem ++Download++ (939Kb)
A 167 page E-book. How the Money System really works in the USA (and elsewhere) and how it is manipulated by those in power and behind the scenes for their own personal benefit and at your expense.

tph The Pale Horse

By the late William Cooper ++Download++ (17Mb)
A 500 page expose of government conspiracy. The best selling underground book of all time. After predicting an attack on America to be blamed on Osama bin Laden, Bill was killed by the Apache County Sheriff’s Department during a raid on his home.

TRF “ The Real Faith “

By Dr. Charles S. Price ++Download++ (411Kb)
A 54 page Classic E-book. Dr. Prices’ question was: “Why are so many not healed when they are prayed for?” The answers that will set you on the right path to your healing, as they have helped thousands of others.

The following files are provided by courtesy of Pastor Brian Hay of OmegaTimes.Com

Audio Teachings by Pastor Brian:

Finding Rest for your Soul (YouTube) (MP3)

Black Magic – The Science of the Future (YouTube) (MP3)

The Tabernacle of Self (YouTube) (MP3)
(A Clear Conscience or a Conscience Seared)

MMM Money Morality and Mass Mind Manipulation

By Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (98.0Mb)
A 152 page E-book, the explaining the roots, reasons and progress of the New World Order and how our rights are being taken over by socialistic communism.

rapture Rapture or no rapture – YOU decide

by Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (199Kb)
A 4-page PDF file of Bible teaching with scriptural verses on the Rapture – or not. Pastor Brian lays out the Biblical information and leaves it to you to make a decision on how you stand, how you interpret it.

3H3H 3 Heavens 3 Hells

by Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (713Kb)
An 11-page PDF file of Bible teaching of Heaven and Hell with scriptural verses and illustrations. See where you stand as a born-again Christian and why.

TransG Transgenics – The Return of the Nephilim

by Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (12.7Mb)
An 89 page E-Book of current developments in science with Bible prophecy interpretation. Transgenics is the mixing of human and non-human DNA. What does this mean for the human race?

2012 2012 – a Year of Converging Global Crisis

by Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (26.45Mb)
A 145 page E-Book of predictions is from now till end of 2012. As Luke 21:11 says “there will be great earthquakes in various places as well as famines and plagues, and there will be terrors and great signs from Heaven.” The Holy Bible.

TGD The Great Deception

by Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (25.8Mb)
Jesus prophesied a time when even his elect would lose heart and become deceived. Satan’s Plan to remove Christianity and democracy from society, at work since the Napoleonic Wars, is now almost here.
This 174 page E-Book provides details of the deception.

TTT Temple Traders and Profiteering Priests

by Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (27.8Mb)
The History of Money and its mastery – double dealing and debauchery. Trust and integrity alone determine a society’s or nations security, future and welfare; never power or affluence. A behind-the-scene’s look at Money and Power in this 155 page E-Book.

sell out The Sellout and Control of Humanity

by Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (23.3Mb)
The Sellout and Control of Humanity – Communitarian Law, New World Order and Enslavement is a 146page E-Book. He shows how the United Nations, Global Communitarian Law and its Corporate Multinational Administrators conspire in the Sellout of Humanity.

secret Secret Military Technology

by Pastor Brian Hay ++Download++ (14.1Mb)
A 105 page dossier on the secret military technologies developed wit tax payers money and for use against mankind – many globally – when the time is right. All for support of, and imposition on mankind of, Satan’s plan: One Word Government.


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