Thank you for your interest in Subscribing to His Kingdom Prophecy (HKP) website.

There are a number of way in which you may subscribe to our website, so you can receive notifications direct to your Computer, Tablet or Phone, when we publish a new Word.

Via Social Media

Alternative Solutions

Our RSS Feed: RSS feed image

As an alternative to using social media platforms, you may also link to the HKP “RSS Feed” directly and receive notifications straight to your Computer, Tablet or Phone.

Most Email clients have a facility to add a “Newsgroup” subscriptions.

To add the HKP RSS Feed as an Email newsgroup, please see this link is for MS Outlook instructions : “Subscribe to an RSS Feed“.

Most browsers and email clients have similar instructions available online.

On Google Chrome: see this article: “RSS Feed Reader

On Firefox, click: Ξ (top right); click: settings; click “Extensions & Themes”; In “find more add-ons” box, type “RSS” and choose your RSS Reader from the list. Use the HKP RSS link below, to complete installation.

On Brave, see this article: “Brave News now lets users add RSS feeds to customize their favorite content

On Microsoft Edge, see article: “Feeder – RSS Feed Reader“.

On Safari, see article: “How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Safari

On Android devices, if you search on Google Play Store for “Website RSS Reader,” you will find quite a number of APPs to choose from.

Three such APPs are Feeder, Pluma and RSS Reader.

In Feeder, click: Ξ (top right); click: + Add feed; Insert HKP RSS URL as below; choose settings as needed.

In Pluma, click RSS Icon; click + Add Content; Insert HKP RSS URL as below; choose settings as needed.

In RSS Reader, click: + Add feed; Insert HKP RSS URL as below; select first two options, and choose settings as needed.

Basically, once you have installed your RSS Reader App of choice on your Phone or Tablet, you just need to paste in our RSS Feed URL and choose your settings.

Most of these apps allow the viewing of HKP posts within the APP (with modified appearance) and linking to the HKP website version.

The HKP RSS Feed URL is :


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