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Are You Ready to die?

What will happen to you in the end times?
Bill Subritzky

deathAre you ready to die? (58 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky examines the end-time predictions of Jesus and then he challenges you about your own situation: Are you ready to face a mighty and holy God?
Includes the testimony of Jean Edwards who was set free from the occult and God restored her health.

Free Media:
Free Video: Are you ready to die?
Free Audio: Are you ready to die?

Behold the Man

Jesus became a sacrifice for you
Bill Subritzky

Behold the ManBehold the Man (51 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky explains how Jesus Christ became the sacrifice for the sins of men.
Includes the testimony of Tom Wylie, miraculously brought back to life after a car crash.

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Binding the Man

Defeat the demonic activity in your life
Bill Subritzky

Binding the Strong ManBinding the Strong Man (53 mins on DVD and CD)
Bill Subritzky identifies seven demonic strong men and shows how they can be defeated through the Cross of Jesus Christ.
This programme includes the dramatic testimony of Dulcie Sharples who was instantly healed from a severe illness.

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Chosen Destiny

Celebrate God’s faithfulness in the life of Pat Subritzky
Pat Subritzky

Chosen DestinyChosen Destiny (36 mins on DVD and CD)
The Pat Subritzky Story.
Not merely a Cinderella story, but the true life testimony of how God can choose a woman and empower her with His Holy Spirit to reach out to the lost and needy. Pat Subritzky went to be with the Lord in March 2011.

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Crusade Miracles

Life stories of people healed by God
Bill Subritzky

Crusade MiraclesCrusade Miracles (25 mins on DVD)
Dramatic testimonies of ordinary people saved, healed and delivered by the power of God.
Captured live on camera at evangelistic healing meetings conducted by Bill Subritzky.

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Deliverance from Demons

Be set free from demonic oppression
Bill Subritzky

Deliverance from DemonsDeliverance from Demons (5hrs on DVD and CD)
This series includes material on how to be set free from soul-ties, pronouncements, vows and curses.
Part 1: Can a Christian have a demon?
Part 2: Entry points for demons, ungodly soul-ties
Part 3: Transference, bondages and curses
Part 4: How to be delivered/How to deliver others
Part 5: Occult Check List/Hands on ministry

Free Media:

Deliverance from Demons and How to Break Curses

Find out how demons operate and how to be released
Bill Subritzky

Deliverance from Demons and How to Break CursesDeliverance from Demons and How to Break Curses
(100 mins on DVD and CD)
In this essential teaching DVD Bill Subritzky discusses how demons operate, how demons enter, how to be delivered, reasons for curses, the source of curses and how to be released from curses.

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Escaping the Destroyer

Satan seeks to destroy but God offers us life
Bill Subritzky

Escaping the DestroyrtEscaping the Destroyer (54 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky shows how Satan seeks to destroy your life and then explains how God has provided the alternative: Abundant life through Jesus.
Includes the testimony of former Auckland University Student President, Doug Sadlier, who turned to God from a destructive wild lifestyle.

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Exposing the New Age Movement

Examine the dangers of the New Age philosophy
Pat Subritzky

ExposingExposing the New Age Movement (282 mins on DVD and CD)
All women need to be aware of the Satanic deception of the New Age and learn the Christian principles relating to these issues.
Topics include youth, families and music. Feminism, education and children. Media, government and business.
The New Age as revealed in health, mind control and meditation. The New Age Movement in world issues and to conclude the response of the church and Christians.
Session 1 (90 mins)
Hon. Mrs Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan MP Topic: Youth, families & Music
Jayne Calkin Topic: Feminism
Session 2 (82 mins)
Jean Mackey Topic: Education and Children
June Coxhead-Dooney Topic: Media, Government, Business
Session 3 (110 mins)
Dale Garratt Topic: Mind, Health, Fitness
Trish Jenkins Topic: World Issues Overview
Pat Subritzky Topic: Church and Christianity
Available in 3 pack DVD set & 7 pack CD set

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Fear or Faith

Be set free from fear to experience God’s peace
Bill Subritzky

Fear or FaithFear or Faith (55 mins on DVD and CD)
Bill Subritzky explains how you can replace fear with faith through the Cross of Jesus Christ and experience the peace that comes from God.
This programme also features a miraculous healing that occurred during the meeting, plus the testimony of a lady who was delivered from the fear of death.

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Finding the Doorway to God

Find answers to the meaning of life
Bill Subritzky

Finding the Doorwy to GodFinding the doorway to God (49 mins on DVD and CD)
Bill Subritzky explains how to find the only way to knowing God is through Jesus Christ!
Including the testimony of Albert Pau who was delivered from drugs, drinking and violence.

Free Media:

Foundations for Spiritual Growth

Know the power of God so you can minister to others
Pat Subritzky

Foundations for Spiritual Growth Foundations for Spiritual Growth (282 mins on DVD and CD)
Three unique seminars for women by Pat Subritzky designed to encourage growth by knowing the power of God and how to minister to others.
Session 1 (90 mins)
Steps and stages to effective ministry
Session 2 (82 mins)
Moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
Session 3 (110 mins)
Deliverance from demons and curses
Available in
3 DVD pack set
7 CD pack set
A manual is also included with the CD and DVD set.

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Receive the baptism of the the Holy Spirit
Bill Subritzky

Gifts of the Holy SpiritGifts of the Holy Spirit (1hr 6 mins DVD and CD)
Join with a live audience in discovering how to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, knowing the anointing of God, listening to the Holy Spirit, receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit, including the gift of prophecy.

Free Media:

Free Video: Gifts of the Holy Spirit

God Heals Today, 123 Healing Testimonies (DVD)

Bill Subritzky

God Heals Today, 123 Healing TestimoniesGod Heals Today (140 mins)
123 testimonies of miracle healing received at Bill Subritzky meetings. Conditions include Anorexia, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart Disease, Muscular Dystrophy and other conditions.
Jesus Christ is the Healer:
“Through God I was instantly healed of emphysema,” says Joanne.
“My crippled hands were healed by God,” says Anne.
“The cancer growth on my back was healed,” says Lavinia.

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Growing in the Spirit

Develop your spiritual giftings to effectively minister to others
Pat Subritzky

Growing in the SpiritGrowing in the Spirit
Three advanced seminars for Christian women who have been born again, baptized with the Holy Spirit and moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Session 1 (41 mins)
Women ministering to women (learn how to counsel with confidence)
Session 2 (64 mins)
Ministries for Women (in the church, in the community and in evangelism)
Session 3 (40 mins)
Training women evangelists (practical teaching for ministering in evangelism)
Available in
2 DVD pack set
3 CD audio set
A 128 page manual is also included with the CD and DVD set.

Free Media:

Free Video: Growing in the Spirit

Free PDF: Growing in the Spirit Manual

Harvest Power

Spiritual and practical insight on sharing the gospel
Bill Subritzky

Harvest PowerThis training course on evangelism contains 10 sessions with easy-to-follow Scriptural guidelines and practical insights about how to reach people for Jesus Christ, heal the sick and cast out demons.
(Available on DVD and CD.)
Session 1
The Conduct of an Evangelist (41 mins)
Evangelistic House Meetings (32 mins)
Preparing for an Outreach (53 mins)
Session 2
Knowing the Anointing (61 mins)
Moving in the Gifts (65 mins)
Session 3
Casting out Demons/Breaking Curses Pt 1 (61 mins)
Casting out Demons/Breaking Curses Pt 2 (50 mins)
Session 4
The Primary Message (57 mins)
The Ministry of Healing (42 mins)
Hindrances to Healing (41 mins)
Available in 4 pack DVD set & 8 pack CD set

Free Media:


Life changing miracle stories
Bill Subritzky

HealedHealed! (49 mins on DVD and CD)
Five unique interviews with men and women who have experienced the miraculous healing power of God.
Includes testimonies of Glo who was healed of painful hemorrhoids veins. Bill who was healed of a malignant tumour on the side of his nose. Dawn healed of numerous health conditions after forgiving others and God restored her marriage. John had multiple healingsincluding healing in his back, healing from high blood pressure and heart problems, his hearing was restored and he was released from anger.

Free Media:

Healing Marriages and Family Relationships

Discovering God’s design for families
Bill and Pat Subritzky

Healing Marriages and Family RelationshipsHealing Marriages and Family Relationships (90 mins on DVD and CD)
Bill and Pat Subritzky testify and teach on God’s order for: Husbands and Wives; Parents and Children; Unsaved Marriage Partners; Unsaved Children; The Separated and Divorced; Widows, Singles and Barrenness.
In this teaching on healing marriages and family relationships Bill Subritzky explains God’s plan for marriage and how problems occur when Jesus Christ is not the centre of the marriage. Important principles for marriage are to be born again Christians; respect and trust each other; settle differences quickly; and demonstrate love and care.

Free Media:

Hindrances to Healing

Receive healing by removing blockages in your life
Bill Subritzky

Hindrances to HealingHindrances to Healing (83 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky explains why some are not healed because of blockages. He teaches biblical insights on how we can receive the healing love and power of Jesus Christ.
Includes the testimony of Magness Anderson from Dunedin who was instantaneously healed by God from an “incurable” disease of the pancreas.

Free Media:

Free Video: Hindrances to Healing

How the Blood of Jesus Sets You Free

Jesus Christ can transform your life
Bill Subritzky

The BloodHow the Blood of Jesus Sets You Free (44 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky demonstrates and describes how the healing power and love of Jesus Christ can meet the needs of every person.
Includes the testimony of David and Hilly Moot who describe the miracle that happened when they prayed for Hilly’s deformed ankles.

Free Media:

Free Video: How the Blood of Jesus Sets You Free

How to be an Overcomer

Move from the place of despair to victory in Jesus
Bill Subritzky

How to be an OvercomerHow to be an Overcomer (48 mins on DVD and CD)
Bill Subritzky describes how knowing God can bring you out of the depths of despair into victory. In this dynamic message of hope you will see and hear how four men who were apparent failures became overcomers.
You will also witness a supernatural miracle caught by the cameras during this healing crusade at St Mary’s Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland.

Free Media:

How to Enter God’s Kingdom

Discover God’s love and forgiveness
Bill Subritzky

How to Enter God's KingdomHow to Enter God’s Kingdom (55 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky explains how you can have the radical experience that leads to knowing God’s love and entering into His kingdom.
Includes the testimony of George Atkins, instantly healed from a childhood affliction of nose-bleeds.

Free Media:

How to Gain Immortality

Where will you spend eternity?
Bill Subritzky

How to Gain ImmortalityHow to Gain Immortality (51 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky describes how Jesus was the first of a new generation of people who at death would be raised up with a totally new body, and gives the Scriptural guidelines for any individual wishing to receive this new body.
Includes the testimony of Robin Hewett, healed from a hiatus hernia and ulcerated stomach.

Free Media:

Free Video: How to Gain Immortality

How to Receive God’s Invitation

Enter into the amazing plan God has for your life
Bill Subritzky

God's InvitationHow to Receive God’s Invitation (51 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky describes the many excuses people make which prevent them from entering into the amazing plan God has for their lives.
Includes the testimony of Shirley Simcocks, healed of cancer in the lymph glands and heart murmur.

Free Media:

How to Receive God’s Love

Our Heavenly Father longs to show us His love
Bill Subritzky

How to Receive God's loveHow to Receive God’s Love (56 mins on DVD and CD)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky explains the tremendous Father heart of God to those who have strayed away and wasted their lives on wild living like the prodigal son.
Includes the testimony of Bruce Grant who was healed from a damaged neck and lower back.

Free Media:

Is Your Name in the Book of Life?

Do you have assurance of your salvation?
Bill Subritzky

Is Your Name in the Book of Life Evangelist Bill Subritzky warns of the consequences of not making Jesus Christ king of your life and explains how you can know both the love of the Father and assurance of eternal life.
Includes the testimony of Noreen Cruckshank who was miraculously healed of blindness and epilepsy.

Free Media:

Keys to Healing and Deliverance

Receive your healing through the Cross of Jesus Christ
Bill Subritzky

Keys to Healing and DeliveranceKeys to Healing and Deliverance (1hr 50mins on DVD and CD)
Are you seeking healing and deliverance? In this essential DVD, Bill Subritzky, will help you discover important keys to receiving your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. Discover the healing that God wants to bring in your life.
Issues key to our Christian faith are discussed in this DVD including how to be born again, true repentance, forgiveness, honouring our father and mother, healing at the cross and having faith in God.

Free Media:

Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Effectively operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
Bill Subritzky

Ministering in the Power of the Holy SpiritMinistering in the Power of the Holy Spirit (5 hours on DVD and CD)
This is an excellent six session course of instruction and involvement for small groups or large seminars.
Topics covered include how to prepare to minister, how to lead people to salvation, and how to lead others into the baptism with the Holy Spirit.
Also how to receive and operate in the gifts, how to minister in deliverance, how to give your testimony. How to preach, teach, pray, intercede and fast.
Available as 2 DVD pack set & 5 CD pack
A 126 page manual is also included with the CD and DVD set.

Free Media:

Free Video: Ministering The Power Series

Moving in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Discover the Holy Spirit and receive the miracle working power of God
Bill Subritzky

Moving in the Power of the Holy SpiritMoving in the Power of the Holy Spirit (100mins on DVD and CD)
Learn how to move in God’s power by discovering who is the Holy Spirit, the role of the Holy Spirit and how to receive the Holy Spirit.

Free Media:

Free Video: Moving in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Out of the Darkness

Escape from New Age Deception
Paul and Alison Simpson

Out of the DarknessOut of the Darkness (39 mins)
Paul and Alison Simpson share their true-life story of deliverance from New Age occultism.
After exploring Christian Science, Hinduism, Spiritism and the occult, they finally found the Christian peace that passes all understanding.
This is a gripping story, full of hope for those searching for spiritual truth.
Includes an introduction from Evangelist Bill Subritzky.

Free Media:

Overcoming Fear

God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.
Bill Subritzky

Overcoming FearOvercoming Fear (39 mins)
Bill Subritzky describes how to be set free from the spirit of fear. This was filmed shortly after a major earthquake.
The programme also features some miraculous healings and includes the testimony of Rett and Heather Price.

Free Media:

Overcoming Torment

Identifying spiritual barriers that cause sickness
Bill Subritzky

Overcoming TormentOvercoming Torment (54 mins)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky describes the tremendous barriers to receiving God’s love that unforgiveness and bitterness can be. He points out that God Himself allows tormenting spirits such as arthritis to attack a person who holds resentment and unforgiveness in their heart.
Includes another look at the testimony of Grant Parker (healed from a crippling spine disease) as told by his mother, Diane.

Free Media:


Receiving God’s Peace

Replacing Fear with God’s Peace
Bill Subritzky

Receiving God's PeaceReceiving God’s Peace (57 mins)
Bill Subritzky explores the different ways the world offers peace, then describes how to discover the peace of God “which surpasses all understanding”.
This programme also includes footage of miraculous healings as well as the testimony of Tony Grant.

Free Media:

Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Move in the gifts including the word of knowledge, healing, prophecy, tongues
Bill Subritzky

Receiving the Gifts of the Holy SpiritReceiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (4 hrs on DVD and CD)
Join in with a live participating audience as you are taken through four hours of in-depth scriptural teaching and step-by-step instructions on how to receive and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The gifts include the word of wisdom, word of knowledge, gift of faith, gift of healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, public tongue and interpretation of tongues.
Topics include:
Part 1: How to be baptised in the Spirit.
Part 2: How to prepare to move in the gifts.
Part 3: How to enter into the gifts.
Part 4: How to operate in the gifts
Available in 2 DVD set & 4 CD set

Free Media:

Rescue from the Storms of Life

When things are difficult, you can call out to Jesus
Bill Subritzky

Rescue from the Storms of LifeRescue from the Storms of Life (45 mins)
Evangelist Bill Subritzky draws a comparison between the disciples rowing against the wind, and people who are being buffeted by the circumstances around them.
Includes the testimony of Ellen Erskine, miraculously healed of an “incurable” blood and kidney disorder.

Free Media:

Sons of the Kingdom

Are you a true believer in Jesus?
Bill Subritzky

Sons of the KingdomSons of the Kingdom (55 mins)
Bill Subritzky expounds on the parable of the wheat and the tares.
Here is a timely warning to those who practise lawlessness and also the promise that, “the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.”
This programme also features the testimony of the miraculous healing of Grant Parker who had a disintegrating spine disease.

Free Media:

Free Video: Sons of the Kingdom

The Bill Subritzky Story

A successful lawyer and businessman encounters God
Bill Subritzky

The Bill Subritzky StoryThe Bill Subritzky Story (55 mins DVD and CD)
The true life testimony of a successful lawyer and business man who had an encounter with Jesus Christ and is now in full-time ministry preaching the gospel, healing the sick and casting out demons in the name of Jesus.
This programme also recreates the amazing supernatural miracle that occurred when Grant Parker, a 12 year old boy with a disintegrating spine, gets up out of his wheelchair and walks again.

Free Media:

Free Video: The Bill Subritzky Story

The Fatal Choice

Do you choose to accept Jesus or reject Him?
Bill Subritzky

The Fatal ChoiceThe Fatal Choice (55 mins)
Bill Subritzky compares the choice the multitudes were given (between Barabbas and Jesus) and the choice we have to make today between Satan and God.
On the Cross Jesus took all our sin and sickness upon Himself. We consider what that was like for Him to endure and what it means for us as believers.
Also features the miraculous healing and testimony of Jean Tobias.

Free Media:

The Living God

God wants to reveal Himself to us personally through His son Jesus Christ
Bill Subritzky

The Living GodThe Living God (55 mins)
Worshipping idols is as sinful today as it was when the Apostle Paul visited Athens. Evangelist Bill Subritzky warns of the dangers of idolatry and leads us to the only living God.
This programme also includes the miraculous deliverance and healing of Janet Parsons.

Free Media:

The Living Water

An invitation to follow God’s pathway of hope
Bill Subritzky

The Living WaterThe Living Water (54 mins)
Bill Subritzky invites you to drink of the supernatural living water that replaces spiritual blindness and death.
This programme includes the testimony of Richard Packer, miraculously healed of a severe back problem.

Free Media:

Free Video: The Living Water

The Secret of Being Accepted

Experience God’s peace, joy and a hopeful future
Bill Subritzky

The Secret of Being AcceptedThe Secret of Being Accepted (54 mins)
Evangelist Bill speaks about the incredible release that is to be found with the discovery that God’s love is the source of our acceptance and identity.
Includes the testimony of Brian Buchanan, healed from a gastric duodenal ulcer.

Free Media:

Free Video: The Secret of Being Accepted

Thirsty People

Jesus satisfies every longing in our heart
Bill Subritzky

Thirsty PeopleThirsty People (45 mins)
Evangelist Bill explains how God’s love and peace are available to anyone who sincerely seeks Him.
This programme includes the testimony of Pat Shepherd who was instantly healed from the horrific side-effects of cortisone dependency.

Free Media:

Free Video: Thirsty People

What is Truth?

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life
Bill Subritzky

What is Truth?What is Truth (48 mins)
Evangelist Bill identifies major sins that can prevent you from knowing the truth about God.
This programme also includes the testimony of Steve Evitt who was set free from the drug scene by an experience with God.

Free Media:

Free Video: What is the Truth

Who is Jesus?

God sent His Son Jesus to show He loves us and call us back to God
Bill Subritzky

Who is this Jesus?Who is this Jesus (55 mins)
In the parable of the wicked vinedressers, Jesus described how several generations had violently rejected the servants of God and eventually even Himself.
Bill Subritzky compares this story to our own generation and reveals the difference between those who reject Jesus today and those who have discovered just who this Jesus is.
This programme includes dramatic testimonies of people who received miraculous healings from God.

Free Media:

Free Video: Who is Jesus


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  1. Goodday, I am looking for someone who can understand God’s voice and to whom I can put a few questions that I have asked myself and see, for example, if that person asks the same thing, the same is said. In this way I would like to test whether the words I have received are from above or from god or from the copycat. Is that possible? I also sometimes get words from the copycat, which makes it too difficult for me to distinguish them from each other. I therefore need 2 confirmations if I want to dare to act accordingly. Do you know anyone who can hear God’s voice to put this question down? Can also be done anonymously by giving my address details, so that someone can send a letter by post with his / her findings, or call anonymously or the like if that person would prefer it. It turns out to be quite difficult to find someone who can understand God’s voice, so I started emailing you for some extra help with this. Hopefully you can help or refer me on my way.
    Best regards, Ellen

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