What is going on in these End Times and what is going on behind the scenes and behind the world’s elected governments?

Pastor Brian Hay of Omega Times has created the 299 page Electronic Book entitled “2016 – The Writing is on the Wall” and is available here as a free download.

All support files which Pastor Brian used are also available here as free downloads.

Please note that some of the large files may take a few seconds to download on a slow connection.

2016 – The Writing is on the Wall!

PDF EBook 38.90 Mb
Supporting Documentation:
Chuck Missler – Revelation Notes PDF 1.10 Mb
Global Currency Reset Revaluation of Currencies Historical PDF 6.75 Mb
Kingdom PDF 1.00 Mb
Larry Edelson Financial crash coming PDF 98 Kb
Lucifer master of OWO PDF 2.34 Mb
Malachi Martin masters of seduction PDF 126 Kb
NASA PAGES End Of Man DocPPT & PDF File mindcontrol PDF 1.49 Mb
NBIC pre-publication PDF 5.49 Mb
Owning Weather 2025 PDF 501 Kb
PPP-JRS0002 Report Premia-v3-sr PDF 1.70 Mb
PPP-JRS0005 Report Premia Time-Bomb-v3 PDF 766 Kb
SMC Alert 2015-01-25 PDF 305 Kb
The Secret Societies of all Ages and Countries, Vol II, Char PDF 16.94 Mb
The Truth About the Talmud PDF 131 Kb
The fallen angels and the heroes of myth PDF 5.16Km
The Aspen Papers PDF 358 Kb
Tropospheric Aerosol Program PDF 1.77 Mb
The Crown Temple PDF 105 Kb
U.S. Army Internment Resettlement PDF 3.68 Mb
Vladimir Putin – Life-and-Faith PDF 198 Kb
“The Elite Are In a Panic!” Buying Up Supplies in a Rush! YouTube
Frightening Govt Agenda 21 Stats. LiveLeak.com Govt sourced YouTube
Ghost in the Machine – Full CERN Video YouTube
Leaked Pentagon Video – Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior YouTube
MH 17 shot down by USA YouTube
Quayle Marine Claims USA Civil War 2 About To Start YouTube
Time Is Up! We’ve Passed The Point Of No Return – Visions and Warning of what is coming now. YouTube
X-Files Drops Major Truth Bombs! Alternative Website

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