2015: The Year of Thunder to get the Enemy’s Plunder (1)

Part 1 of a Prophetic Word for 2015


God began to speak to me three weeks ago that He wanted me to post another prophetic word for the beginning of a New Year!  I do not desire to do this, but only do what I see and hear the Father telling me to do.  For your information, many might think I get enjoyment or excitement when I post prophetic words, which is completely far from my present state.  Rather, I feel trepidation, hesitation, reluctant and would rather God pick someone else for this portion.  However, God knows I will do it simply because He tells me to and I love Him!  Therefore, leading into this prophetic word for 2015 Part 1 this is what the Lord gave me”



2015 will be a year of God’s thunder, which will reveal the terribleness of His judgment and also the place of testing in which He brings the Bride to reveal His secrets.

First, we will see with God’s thunder the Power of His Word and the terribleness of His judgments for the wicked.

At God’s throne is lightning, thunder and voices that come forth revealing the power of His Word, and seven torches of fire, which is the seven fold dimension of God’s Holy Spirit.

“Out from the throne came flashes of lightning and rumblings and peals of thunder, and in front of the throne seven blazing torches burned, which are the seven Spirits of God [the sevenfold Holy Spirit]”   Revelation 4:5 Amp.

“And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God”   Revelation 4:5 KJV.

God’s mercy has been abundant for His church and the nations, but in this hour there is a release of His judgment to both the church and the nations as we see the thunder of God in 2015.

The thunder proceeding from God’s throne is in concert with His lightning and His voice.  The thunder of God’s voice is a demonstration of the MANIFESTATION OF HIS WORD by Holy Spirit watching over it to perform the Word of God.  God’s Word is lightning in the earth and as the power of Holy Spirit is waiting for the Word to show up to create the space necessary in the earth, God’s Holy Spirit is that of thunder bringing forth the manifestation of what has been spoken.  We have seen the voices of God’s prophets in decades past speaking of what is to come to the nations and God said that was His lightning strikes being delivered throughout the earth, but now is a year of His thunder in which you will not only hear the Word of God but see the manifestation of what has been spoken.  It starts with My judgments, says the Lord.

You will even hear many reports this year about the THUNDER!  There will be snow thunder, thunderstorms and thundering that will shake the world.

Judgment is a decision for or against and for the righteous God’s judgments will be grand and glorious.  However, for the wicked God’s judgment will be terrible and severe.  God is coming through His church right now, where He has sent warnings to His ministers to live a life of holiness, pursuing the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Some judgments have come against those ministers who were wolves and sheep clothing but God in this hour is clearly going to draw a line in the Church between those who are serving Him and those serving mammon.  God is saying, do not be caught up in the house of mammon but be in MY HOUSE OF PRAYER, FOR MY CHURCH WILL BE A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR THE NATIONS.

“All these I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on My altar; for My house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples”   Isaiah 56:7 Amp.

God says, as I clean my church the healings will come, My miracles will come, My wonderworks will come!

“And Jesus went into the temple (whole temple enclosure) and drove out all who bought and sold in the sacred place, and He turned over the four-footed tables of the money changers and the chairs of those who sold doves.  13 He said to them, The Scripture says, My house shall be called a house of prayer; but you have made it a den of robbers.  14 And the blind and the lame came to Him in the porches and courts of the temple, and He cured them”   Matthew 21:12-14 Amp.

God is removing the unclean out of His designated Houses of Prayer that have committed to the process of the purging (sifting) in order that all the chaff (that of carnal nature and iniquity) will be burned in the fire.  There are still churches that are totally dedicated to the plans of the enemy and for those churches He will allow some to continue to be judgment against those who are cold in their hearts toward the Living God.  He will allow a delusion and send sleep on those whose hearts are far away from God and allow them to have their own desire, which is that of iniquity and lawlessness.  Some of this will be for the purification of the Bride and the great falling away.  We have been in this place for many years and this year there will be a greater distinction of the true church and the false church.

“And such as violate the covenant he shall pervert and seduce with flatteries, but the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God].  33 And they who are wise and understanding among the people shall instruct many and make them understand, though some [of them and their followers] shall fall by the sword and flame, by captivity and plunder, for many days.  34 Now when they fall, they shall receive a little help.  Many shall join themselves to them with flatteries and hypocrisies.  35 And some of those who are wise, prudent, and understanding shall be weakened and fall, [thus, then, the insincere among the people will lose courage and become deserters.  It will be a test] to refine, to purify, and to make those among [God’s people] white, even to the time of the end, because it is yet for the time [God] appointed”   Daniel 11:32-35 Amp.

For God’s true Church (the Bride) God is going to remove the things, which have profaned His house and purify His altar, the place of His Worship, His House!  We are the temple of Holy Spirit and corporately as a body, the church is a place of God’s Worship for His Holy Spirit to dwell.  Jesus cleaned up the church before the coming move of God as He lived His life, walked out the truth of Being the Word of God, revealing Gods’ Thunder to the masses.  We see this displayed even as we look at James and John who were called “Sons of Thunder.”

“And He appointed twelve to continue to be with Him, and that He might send them out to preach [as apostles or special messengers].  15 And to have authority and power to heal the sick and to drive out demons: 16 [They were] Simon, and He surnamed [him] Peter; 17 James son of Zebedee and John the brother of James, and He surnamed them BOANERGES, THAT IS, SONS OF THUNDER; 18 And Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew (Nathaniel), and Matthew, and Thomas, and James son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus (Judas, not Iscariot), and Simon the Cananaean [also called Zelotes]”   Mark 3:14-18 Amp.

The root word to Sons of Thunder comes from the Aramaic word ragaz, rä·gaz’ (SCH # 7264) which means to tremble, to quake, be perturbed, to quiver, etc.  The Hebrew letters used to compose this Aramaic word are Resh, Gamel and Zayin.  Resh is the ancient symbol in Hebrew of a man’s face, meaning head, highest and person.  Gamel is the ancient symbol of a camel meaning to lift up, benefit or pride.  Finally, Zayin, is the ancient symbol of a weapon meaning to cut or cut off.  Therefore, the word picture you have from the Paleo Hebrew for the root word here for thunder is THE MOST HIGH’S SWORD THAT IS LIFTED UP TO CUT OFF.

God will bring His Word forth like a Sword that will be like thunder, cutting off the profane things of His House, in order that Jesus is lifted up, that the Father is Worshiped in Spirit and in Truth and that the power of God’s Holy Spirit is present to flow bringing the greater works Jesus described, the Works of the Father for His people.

You will see a set a part group of God’s zealous ones, His royal priesthood, who will be His heroes [what is interesting is the root word for priest in Greek looks and sounds like heroes, (hieros, hē-e-ro’s- SCG # 2413)] Priest in Greek means consecrated and sacred, depicting that which is wholly given unto God.  In the Summer God had me post that we would see the word Heroes and Legend(s) a lot and God has been confirming it abundantly.  Moreover, in November God told me that we would begin to see the word Champion everywhere in this hour, too.  In this hour we will see God’s Holy Priests (His heroes) come forth as champions!!!

“Where has your beloved gone, O you fairest among women?  [Again the ladies showed their interest in the remarkable person whom the Shulammite had championed with such unstinted praise; they too wanted to know him, they insisted.]  Where is your beloved hiding himself?  For we would seek him with you”   Song of Solomon 6:1 Amp.

This year will be an abundant year for Song of Solomon 6, get to know it by asking God for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.  The championed demonstration here in Song of Solomon 6:1 comes from the Shulammites beauty that is put on display for the daughters of Jerusalem.  The Hebrew root word used here for her beauty is yaphah, yä·fä’ (SCH # 3302) meaning to be bright, be beautiful and be fair.  The Hebrew letters in this word are Yood, Pey and Hey.  The Yood is the ancient symbol of an arm as if at work, meaning works make and deed.  Pey is the ancient symbol of a mouth meaning word, speak, say and open.  Finally, Hey is the ancient symbol of a man beholding something with his arms outstretched as if to behold, meaning to reveal.  Therefore, the word picture you have here for fair/beautiful is THE WORKS OF THE WORD REVEALED!!

These will be those who are walking in God’s thunder and His judgments that when they go to that which is to be dedicated unto God as Holy and as not, they will have the conviction of God and His righteous judgments to remove that which is profane separating the clean from the unclean.  This will be like those prophesied by Enoch and recorded in Jude 14-15.

“It was of these people, moreover, that Enoch in the seventh [generation] from Adam prophesied when he said, Behold, the Lord comes with His myriads of holy ones (ten thousands of His saints)  15 To execute judgment upon all and to convict all the impious (unholy ones) of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed [in such an] ungodly [way], and of all the severe (abusive, jarring) things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him”   Jude 1:14-15 Amp.

Many of God’s saints have been in the secret place of thunder, where they have been tried and tested in order that they only speak that which the Father tells them.  They weigh their words carefully and do not speak on their own accord but only by that which the Father gives them.

In the place of trying and testing, there are those saints who have come to know the Thunder of the Lord God, the Power of His Word, in greater measure to who tremble at His Word in fear and reverence.

“For all these things My hand has made, and so all these things have come into being [by and for Me], says the Lord.  But this is the man to whom I will look and have regard: he who is humble and of a broken or wounded spirit, and who trembles at My word and reveres My commands………  5 Hear the word of the Lord, you who tremble at His word: Your brethren who hate you, who cast you out for My name’s sake, have said, Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy!  But it is they who shall be put to shame”   Isaiah 66:2, 5 Amp.

These are those who have found God’s grace, knowing their need for mercy. (see more in the section the Fire of His Sifting for Shifting Part 3).  The Secret Place of Thunder has caused God’s saints who are set apart for Such a Time as This to come forth with GOD’S WORD IN POWER!  This secret place of thunder caused God’s elect to be despised even all the more through greater persecution for their righteous acts that were misunderstood by those ensnared with pride.  God is using the foolish things to confound the wise.  The secret place of thunder found in Psalm 81 reveals this testing.

“You called in distress and I delivered you; I answered you in the secret place of thunder; I tested you at the waters of Meribah.  Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!”   Psalm 81:7 Amp.

The Secret Place of Thunder is the suffering of affliction for righteousness, in order that God purify us more in the Fire of His Word, which we will get to in part 3 of the prophetic Word for 2015 “THE FIRE OF SIFTING FOR THE SHIFTING!”

Meribah here in Hebrew is “STRIFE AND CONTENTION.”  The Hebrew letters in it are Mem, Resh, Yood, Bet and Hey.  Mem is the ancient symbol of water meaning massive or chaos.  Resh is the face of a person meaning head, highest and person.  Yood is the arm at work meaning works, make and deed.  Bet is the ancient symbol of a tent meaning tent, house and within.  Finally Hey is a man beholding meaning to reveal.  Therefore, the word picture you have for Meribah is THE FLOODING FORTH OF CHAOS THAT CAME WITHIN AND AGAINST YOUR PERSON TO REVEAL THE MASSIVENESS OF THE WORKS OF THE MOST HIGH!  It was as though the enemy came in like a flood from every angle imaginable in this testing.  It is in this place where like Hannah God’s people were so distressed that they cried out for His deliverance!  This is where God wanted His people because it is the SECRET PLACE OF THUNDER!!!!

SECRET PLACE in Hebrew is cether, sā’·ther (SCH # 5643) meaning covering, shelter, hiding place, and secret place.  The Hebrew letters in secret place are Samech, Tav and Resh.  Samech is the ancient symbol of a prop meaning to support and prop up, and turn around.  Tav is the ancient symbol of the cross meaning covenant, mark and seal.  Finally, Resh is the symbol of a face meaning head, highest and person.  The word picture you have for secret place is THE COVENANT OF THE MOST HIGH THAT TURNS ALL THINGS AROUND.  The Secret Place of God is where we are tried and tested so that the Power of His Covenant within our person (our tent) is made known and manifests.  It looks like you were sick with cancer and now you are healed!!!  You had issues with your children and now they are delivered!!! You had an addiction and God has delivered you!!  We could go on and on.

The heart is deceitful above all things and we do not even know our own heart. (Jeremiah 17:9)  God knows our heart and the place where we need healing and deliverance so the Secret Place of Thunder has exposed it in order that God’s People know the Power of His Covenant and walk in the truth of that Word to shine the Light of Jesus to others.  As a result, these people have looked like a plague at times and kicked out of the false religion.  God is bringing forth His pure religion which is to take care of the orphans, widows and the poor, revealing His nature to His saints in the Secret Place of Thunder.

They will be God’s Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation.  The Church in this place will rise like Esther in this hour for the nations.  Each nation has its own course of judgment laid out this year that will start in the governmental and banking arenas.  As we have seen this year the corruption of the banking systems exposed and in the last two years many suicides of bankers we will see the darkness at work in the banking systems exposed this year and judgment rendered!!  I hear a verdict given as with Haman!  In the exposure of the banking corruption we are going to see those in government at work with the darkness of this system exposed and God is going to cause a shaking in greater measure to bring it out. (See in Part 2 of THE QUAKING AND SHAKING).

God is going to do a marvelous thing in the earth with His elect that have been tested in the Secret Place for they will lift up their voices in prayer and He will lift them up because of the sweet scent of their fragrance, which is the righteousness of Christ Jesus, and they will be HIS HEROES, HIS CHAMPIONS!  These champions will bring with them a TIME OF JOY AND JUBILATION IN THE EARTH IN THE MIDST OF GREAT DARKNESS THAT WILL CAUSE ALL NATIONS TO SEE THE BRIGHTNESS OF THEIR RISING!

“Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are the people who know the joyful sound [who understand and appreciate the spiritual blessings symbolized by the feasts]; they walk, O Lord, in the light and favor of Your countenance.  16 In Your name they rejoice all the day, and in Your righteousness they are exalted.  17 For You are the glory of their strength [their proud adornment], and by Your favor our horn is exalted and we walk with uplifted faces!  18 For our shield belongs to the Lord, and our king to the Holy One of Israel.  19 ONCE YOU SPOKE IN A VISION TO YOUR DEVOTED ONES AND SAID, I HAVE ENDOWED ONE WHO IS MIGHTY [A HERO, GIVING HIM THE POWER TO HELP — TO BE A CHAMPION FOR ISRAEL]; I HAVE EXALTED ONE CHOSEN FROM AMONG THE PEOPLE.  20 I have found David My servant; with My holy oil have I anointed him,  21 With whom My hand shall be established and ever abide; My arm also shall strengthen him.  22 The enemy shall not exact from him or do him violence or outwit him, nor shall the wicked afflict and humble him.  23 I will beat down his foes before his face and smite those who hate him.  24 My faithfulness and My mercy and loving-kindness shall be with him, and in My name shall his horn be exalted [great power and prosperity shall be conferred upon him]”   Psalm 89:15-24 Amp.

God is releasing great power and prosperity in this hour to those that have been in the Secret Place of Thunder as they rise up into position for this time, to which they have been called!  These saints have come to obtain faith in greater measure by God’s Word in them coming forth in Understanding as they know God in the midst of their trial!  The saint’s trial has become a trail of tears in the midst of the trial.  I hear God saying that He has wrought forth a greater intercession in His saints who have been through these trials as they have had but a little strength and did not deny His Name but instead they clung onto His Word.  These people God has brought forth the beauty of holiness in intercession so that God has created a HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR THE NATIONS that will be given over to champion the greatest prayers in this hour to set many people free!  The prayers of the saints that have been in the Secret Place of Thunder will surely be a fragrance of the righteousness of Christ Jesus that will cause God to speedily send forth His answers, bringing His arrows of vengeance against the enemy, delivering His judgment.

In the USA I specifically hear God saying to pray for the Military in this hour and that He is going to bring forth His righteous warriors in the military to do great exploits, for they are like Joshua and His Mighty Men of Valor!  There will specifically be military personnel who will truly be like the Sons of Thunder that as they stand for justice and righteousness the Fear of God will move and there will even be a great revival amongst the military!  God has kept many hidden that He will bring forth and they will be like His thunder in the earth to do what is right.  There will also be a great shift in that area, as well, which will be further discussed in part 3 “THE FIRE OF SIFTING FOR THE SHIFTING.”

God says Keep your eyes on China and be ready to see a great time of revival fire that will be mighty in the earth for even other nations will travel near and far to come to see the revival in China.  I see doors in Asia opening up that had been closed for the gospel and God says that He will take His Word and it will spread like fire through those places, which had formally been shut.

I hear Grandview, Texas and Grandview, Tennessee will be places where the Father’s heart will be poured out of His great love.  Grandview, Texas will become the deep place in the heart of Texas that God has determined for His presence and His power.

Grandview, Tennessee will be in the five counties that have a city of Grandview and God is doing it for His Grace, to display the awesomeness of His person.

In Texas and in Tennessee in God’s Grandview, many will be healed of dis-ease and mental diagnosis as a fire of Holy Spirit rises up.  There are many cities throughout the states called Grandview (Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington, Ohio, West Virginia, and Iowa – as well as in Canada in Manitoba) and God says that He will not withhold His great plans but will pour out His Spirit and His Power.



Moreover, God’s people will see the plunder of the enemy’s camp as David did when they recovered all that was taken from them at Ziklag as in 1 Samuel 30.  God says as we have learned to love our enemy as demonstrated with David giving care to the Egyptian who was a servant of the Amalekite.  God is saying that which despised you and treated you like a dog, trying to execute you (kill you) will now be plundered!  God says that He is restoring all that the cankerworm and the locusts have eaten, you will receive a double portion! That is what happened to David when he went to recover as a champion that which had been taken in Ziklag!  Ziklag means winding around indicating going around and around.  The places where you have felt you were going around and around the same mountain, winding, God is now bringing you GREAT VICTORY!

“Now when David and his men came home to Ziklag on the third day, they found that the Amalekites had made a raid on the South (the Negeb) and on Ziklag, and had struck Ziklag and burned it with fire,  2 And had taken the women and all who were there, both great and small, captive. They killed no one, but carried them off and went on their way.  3 So David and his men came to the town, and behold, it was burned, and their wives and sons and daughters were taken captive”   1 Samuel 30:1-3 Amp.

David went to Ziklag because he found a wounded servant of the enemy that needed care.  The wounded servant is whom David helped and in helping him he was led to the place of the enemy.

“They found an Egyptian in the field and brought him to David, and gave him bread and he ate, and water to drink,  12 And a piece of a cake of figs and two clusters of raisins; and when he had eaten, his spirit returned to him, for he had eaten no food or drunk any water for three days and three nights.  13 And David said to him, To whom do you belong?  And from where have you come?  He said, I am a young man of Egypt, servant to an Amalekite; and my master left me because three days ago I fell sick.  14 We had made a raid on the South (Negeb) of the Cherethites and upon that which belongs to Judah and upon the South (Negeb) of Caleb.  And we burned Ziklag with fire”   1 Samuel 30:11-14 Amp.

God has planned for His people to receive healing in their souls from areas in which the enemy has battled them.  It is from the battle that God’s people have become weary, but God is causing His people to be refreshed as they have learned to love their enemy.  This was a testing of our faith in order to cause us to be delivered from self-righteousness, in order that we only judge with righteous judgments.

David after seeking the priest prior to His finding the Egyptian servant was assured he would recover all!  Abiathar the priest assured David God’s counsel was for him to pursue the enemy and recover all.  This revealing of truth of David going to Abiathar indicates that David knew Who his Father was, God Almighty!  Because David knew God as His Father, he was able to walk in that royalty, righteousness of God for the righteous cause.  This is where God’s people are now; the tests have allowed us to appropriate the righteousness of Christ Jesus, causing us to lose our self-righteousness!  The test has caused us to rise up as a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, walking in greater authority.

“David recovered all that the Amalekites had taken and rescued his two wives. 19 Nothing was missing, small or great, sons or daughters, spoil or anything that had been taken; David recovered all.  20 Also David captured all the flocks and herds [which the enemy had], and the people drove those animals before him and said, This is David’s spoil”   1 Samuel 30:18-20 Amp.

David’s victory was so great that those who went before him said THIS IS DAVID’S SPOIL! David here represents God’s beloved and how in this hour God’s people are going to get the plunder of the enemy’s spoil by God’s authority, power, His Thunder, that all will recognize the victory of God’s people!

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A saint crying out to God for fullness of deliverance and the manifestation of salvation.
~ Robin

Robin Kirby-GattoRobin Kirby-Gatto operates in the prophetic, bringing the testimony of Jesus into the earth through the scripture Revelation 19:10 “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  Robin walks in God’s Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding and is brought into areas to bring a revelation of God’s Truth, The Word as the Holy Spirit brings forth God’s anointing into her ministry.

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