2016: Jubilee in America


God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  In 2008, I heard so many messages from different ministers of how God was going to judge the United States of America because we had done so many wicked things.

So I began to pray and seek God as to what He was really going to do.  I asked the question, “Has God really turned His back on this great nation?”

I had been seeking God in prayer and fasting for several weeks when I asked Him this question.  I was very surprised at the answer He gave me.  I heard God say in my spirit that America has been the breadbasket of the word to the world longer and more than any other country or person in the world.  Even though there are things happening that appear to be evil, there are still more faithful prayer warriors interceding for this nation and calling on the mercy of God to heal and forgive the sins of this land than there are curses being reaped.

God began to show me there had to be a time of blessing, before the time of famine, just like there was with Joseph.

That’s when He also began to show me He was going to raise up a Joseph for this nation into whom He was going to pour discernment and supernatural wisdom to lead this nation into supernatural abundance.

The time for the beginning of the year of abundance is now, in 2016, because He showed me the beginning of the 7 years of plenty would start in the next year of Jubilee, 2016, which is the 50th year.

If you understand the principles of the Jubilee, you know that the 48th year is the time for the triple crop to sustain for three years.  The 49th year there were no crops planted.  They were allowed to eat whatever grew of its own.  The next year the crops were planted at the end of the year, but no crop was harvested until the next spring.

We are in the year of Jubilee and God’s blessing in the harvest for this nation is now.  Watch and see things begin to shift as the Mighty Hand of God is revealed in this nation.

No matter how bad things look in the natural,  God sees it all and will never forget that He caused America to be born as a nation who worships Him in Spirit and in truth.  No one or nothing can take us out of His hand.

He is our hope and future. We belong to Him and prayer will save multitudes for His glory.  Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.  America, know that He is your God.

See Scripture:  Leviticus 25:8-55


~ Jeanne Hibbard Bowen

Jeanne Hibbard BowenJeanne Hibbard Bowen




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  1. David James of the “Alliance for Christian Integrity” in Terre Haute, Indiana does not like you too promoting the Jubilee.  Eli Stanley Jones’ book in 1935 “Christ’s Alternative to Communism”, and David Barker book in 1987 and 2009, “Jubilee on Wall Street: An Optimistic Look at The Coming Stock market Crash”.  James misquotes scripture that there will be false Prophets in the last days.  David James is right about that but he is the false prophet that he is referring to.

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