2016 Prophetic Message

The year of Power Manifestation and Triumph


Dear friends,
Happy new year to you all.
We had a glorious Nation shaking cross over night prayer where the Lord would graciously give us the word for the year.


This is going to be the year of Power Manifestation and TRIUMPH.

I saw on the 20th of December when the Lord gave me this word that we have entered into the season of power manifestation.Miracles signs and wonders are going to manifest in God’s children as never before.

The trumpet for the release of Sons of God who have been under preparation has been BLOWN.  They are going to be revealed,Ministries that were not Known will come to manifestation to fulfill Gods purpose.

What was HIDDEN from you yet it belongs to you will manifest.

Prophecies that were given and have taken years of waiting will come to pass.

Powers of darkness that afflicted you and kept you in bondage will be crushed for the son of man was MANIFESTED to destroy WORKS of darkness.

Those who were sick and have been waiting for healing after years of believing God and prayer will see healing MANIFESTED this season.  God will cause you to TRIUMPH over your ENEMIES.

There will be an increase of Spiritual conflict in the heavens between the Angels of God and demonic powers but the angels of God would prevail because of increase of volume of Intercession from the church.

I would see Chariots like the ones which came for Elijah.  They have come to take home some generals who will be ENTERING glory this year.

There will be a release of higher angels in rank because of the intensity of the battle.  Those who are keeping the prayer WATCH should continue because this is a critical time in the heavenlies.  Visible signs and wonders will be seen in the heavenlies like a cross, Lion, Angelic faces that will even be clear on photo cameras.

Some nations will experience the worst winters that they have never EXPERIENCED for years and schools will be closed for days.

Finally Lets lift up Burundi and South Sudan before the Lord.  These nations are facing turbulent times and If this continues many lives will be lost.


~ Julius Suubi

Julius SuubiJulius Suubi of Highway of Holiness Ministries International




2016 Prophetic Message — 4 Comments

  1. I Agree with this prophecy, all of it.
    I am preparing me and realigning myself for the change and manifestation of God, soon, instantly, immediately. God’s gonna do it! Amen

  2. Your vision of the mirkavah is good.  It is on its way and will bring the two home to Israel.  They will bring restoration to Israel so the King can come.

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