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2018 and Beyond! — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, we have needed to simplify our lives for quite some time. Less entertainment, less useless information and noise in our lives. More time to contemplate and listen to God. Too often when we pray, the conversation is one-sided, we leave when we are finished speaking, and fail to hear from the One we need. I pray for the Lord to call out His people, to unify the believers and mature us to be ready to meet Him.

    • Amen this has blessed me ! I have felt and God has been preparing my heart as I stay in my lane and listening to His assignments not others or my own ! His agenda is on the top of my list ! He is coming and we need to intercede for all those who are sitting on the fence it’s time to make a choice! His signs and wonders will be great but the greatest sign is we love them and do life with those who are lost and share our hearts ♥️! Love love love God is love amen

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