2020: A Year for Healing, Vision, Judgment, Justice and Trump — 9 Comments

  1. With Jesus Christ as our Lord and God Almighty, nothing is impossible!
    May His Divine will be done on this earth as it is in His dwelling place (Heaven).
    Apostle B.K.Nkansah.

  2. As a seer I enjoy and am very thankful for the prophecy’s that you share. They are a blessing to the body of Christ. I pray that I would see and move in revelation as clearly as you do. Some day.

  3. Let the lord bless you. 2020,has also been given to me, as the start of the mark of the beast, from the pope, by Sunday law,, or as they might call it family day, and not the Lords day. The lords day being the sabboth of the bible. Anyway I continue to watch in the lord. Amen and peace to you

  4. Dear Veronika,

    Thank you for the 2020 word, I have sent it on to the group of prophets I am in contact with.

    It is interesting in particular as we were talking this morning about how God always dealt first with His own people before bringing any judgment on others.

    Also we were agreed that Trump would have a second term of office so he can finish what he has started. But we were mindful that he requires much prayer to sustain him in the process, both in the USA and from the UK.

    Every Blessing

    Martin Perry

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