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2021: The Year of the Storms — 1 Comment

  1. I was talk with my 91 year old mother recently on the phone, we were talking about how people need to pray and give their lives to God because of the times that we are living in…

    She said, “she didn’t know what the year 2021 would be like!” I told her just like 2020 but worst! I believe we will see God doing great miraculous things in 2021 as God fulfilling His word to His people as promised! I also believe we are going to see God’s Judgement come upon the evil and the wickedness in the world.

    Expect both from God therefore His people will be prepared for whichever way God moves in a situation at any given time… I believe there will be some pain for some people to bring them to repentance as God open their eyes to see that they need Him! What it may take for some to come into the Kingdom of God it may not take for others but either way God is going to do whatever it takes to draw a persons heart to Him through His love for them to try to save their lives from hell damnation.

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