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2022: A Year of Disruptions for a New Encounter With The LORD Jesus Christ — 5 Comments

  1. Every so often there must be a changing of the guards. Out with the old and in with the new. Change is never easy but it is always necessary.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us God’s vessel Abel. May God increase your Anointing Sir. I share your view on the leaving of office of global ministers & their replacement. Shortly after God’s General Reinhard Bonkie went home(Heaven), I had a profound dream where I stood watching a beautiful white peaceful place & I saw older Ministers(Men) of the word rejoicing & matching forward. And I heard ” they have finished their work & now time to receive their crowns”. “And that they will be replaced by their younger counterparts”. Next, I saw many TEENAGE WHITE SKIN BOYS standing, smiling & watching along with me as the older ministers match on! END OF DREAM! I think this is a confirmation! May God help us all to make Heaven at last!

  3. This is a most powerful dream and understanding you got, my bro. Abel.
    You didn’t sugarcoat but I believe gave proper interpretation.
    Much of it spoke to me. Thank you for your faithfulness to release it. God bless you.

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