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  1. NOW is the time to respond. The number 30 caught my attention, for some days ago I had exactly this amount of money left on that bank. Sister, you know how The LORD speaks even through very un-spectacular ways to us, giving confirmation or manifesting hope or joy or answering questions we ask Him. I spoke with an employee ot the bank that I want to cancel, to stop contract with them. And I asked, what are the account fees for January, the last month. She said: 30 cents…and she saw, that 30,- franks (value similar to dollar) are still there. After 12+ years I changed to another bank. I felt a high relief.
    And NOW I can share what The LORD has shown me 3 days ago in a dream in the night: I was standing together with my son and a few other people on the Sea of Glass ! The morning after I searched the Holy Scriptures out and Revelation 15 tells, where this Sea of Glass is: BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD ! Then, while driving to a workplace in mountainous area, I saw the confirmation. A bright icy, glassy milky little sea, the ice melting on the surface so it looked so heavenly beautiful exactly like the holy sea of glass in front of GOD’s Throne. I then was reminded to The LORD’s Prayer “As in heaven so on earth”. No evil person on earth can rob us from this heavenly place !!!

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