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4 Prayers of Release from the Powers of Witchcraft — 9 Comments

  1. Hello my name is Raymond griffin from edgefield sc asking for prayers for me and lynwood priester pray for protection against witchcraft lack of money pray that Aisha Pittman Elaine Sylvia Patricia ms Johnnie bell John bell Cassie Jackson and others peoples leave us alone they all believe in witchcraft please pray for healing for lynwood to stop smoking and tobacco and crack cocaine and our health issues HIV please pray for me to get a car

    • You are covered with Jesus Blood. Please pray this. Pray for repentance and accepting Jesus in their lives. Please don’t pray evil upon those people.
      I am praying for you right this moment. My daughter is into holistic healing, tarot cards, spells.
      At this very moment Holy Father please save these children of Yours.
      He is the High Power someday Jesus will throw Satan in the lake of fire. Don’t follow them.

  2. I need your help i move in a old building tempory and there was a family above me. A african mother two mix girls. Ages between 12and 13. The family was very incest. I complain to manager. Then i was move to another floor
    Two months later they follow me to the other floor. Next i move to a hotel. And three days later. There they was. God had reveiled to me they were witches. I move again and they follow me. Now they are worst they are casting spell to get me to join there kingdom. God is helping me. But how do you get rid of them to send them home.

  3. Thank you for these powerful, powerful, prayers… they have truly helped me,and made a difference in my life.

  4. Please for me that every white witch craft prayers prayer over me or about me be broken in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Every word curse be broken of of me and my relationships . Let every curse turn into blessings. And restoration to me now I’m the mighty name of Jesus Christ

  5. I haven’t been sleeping lately and my head was so itchy. I always feel that there is something crawling in there. I thought it was a lice, bedbugs or dust mites but it’s not. So I thought of doing videos every night but didn’t see any of I mentioned above but one night, I’ve seen my hairs goes up and shows something else so I took another video and when I finished , I pay closely attention of the video and play it show. And that there I found different types/shapes of faces. I don’t know what will you call that, was it “black magic?”, “witchcraft ?” “Heck’s?” But all I want is for this to be gone and remove and whoever doing this to me has to stop before she got worse and kill me. I need some help.

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