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5784: The Year of the Open Door to the Joseph Anointed — 2 Comments

  1. I receive this word!
    A restoration of what was stolen from me, upto 3 Generations back!

    Genesis 7:17 – A reversal and a 7 fold restoration of what the enemy stole from me, from my family!

  2. Thank you father and prophet Jo Ellen.
    I decree God will make Joseph get out of the jail so that he is able to do his purposes given by God in Jesus name.
    I decree Joseph will be free from all generational bondages and help people suffering from the same difficulties to expand God’s kingdom and his righteousness in these last days.
    I decree God will give me a chance to heal people physically,mentally, and spiritually and to teach them His gospel.
    I decree God will give me the richness of the 3rd heaven to help people in need.

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