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7 Things are coming to you — 7 Comments

  1. Obama will not finish his second term. Banned independent documentary reveals the truth. Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Propheciey.

  2. Thank You Pastor Paul – I had a significant moment with the number 8 yesterday and a flash came into my mind: “I wonder what 8 means?” Now I receive the answer – tvru your beautiful teaching — thank you & Bless you

  3. To God be all the Glory for all that He has done and will continue to do in the month of August.  Thank you for a Word from the Lord…God Bless you Apostle John A. Williams… God is Awesome and worthy of All Praise.

  4. Oh mY Brother- I so receive this powerful message from The Lord! Soooo Much Confirmation & I pray that God blesses you and makes you 1000 times more according to Deuteronomy 11:1!  AUGUST-Wow! This is my birthday month & I am so excited & going to celebrate it in Jesus’s name like never before! Thank you for Allowing God to Use You!

    Salt & Light’

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