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77 Days of Incredible Miracles! — 8 Comments

  1. I receive in Jesus Christ name and am expectant to see what God will do in my life and those I love i the next 77 days.  God is so good!

  2. Thank you, my Heavenly Father and my All. Your child and servant has held on to You during my test and now I’m ready to receive from Your Hand.

    Love, Jay

  3. Praise ye the name of ABBA father who alone sits enthroned in the highest. my soul rejoice as my whole body tingles as I read of His good intentions for His beloved children. His promises indeed are Yes and Amen in the SON He delights, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Father God thank you, we are awe with gratitude for your faithfulness and goodness.

    Love you LORD.

    Sister Barbara thanks for bringing the good news. God bless you.


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