A BIG Turnaround – Is Coming..


The Lord woke me up this morning a little before 4 am and said, Get up I have a Word for you to write.  He begin talking about the many living here in this land that have never known him and actually right now they are saying there is no God. He spoke about the bad shape this country is in and its government leaders.   Here is what He said:

“There is coming a big turnaround and many will be catapulted through their Gray Space into the Light, never again to walk there but always walking as Children of the Light.  Darkness and misinformation is their plight but their dark night cannot hold them, they are destined for awakening.  

I Am their Star.  I Am Jesus that they do not know.  I Am their ALL.  They soon will know. 

A Big Turnaround is coming quickly.  I am turning them around.  I have already began to pour out my Spirit upon their ground.  Many are moving into my Spirit flowing down (the flooding of the Spirit poured out).  My Glory will abound.  Oh see their faces light up.  Oh watch them Change.  Change is in the air.  I will change them. 

This change is my sovereign pure act.  I Am and I Am working.  Mighty is my Might.  Watch me change them and turn them around.” 


I asked him exactly to give me details about what would happen and where.  In answer he said that that the coming CELEBRATE AMERICA meeting by Rodney Howard Browne which is scheduled to begin July 1 and go through the 19 in Washington, DC (three different segments) would be greatly used to bring about a big turnaround.  He spoke about how that meeting was so near the White House and on the very governmental grounds that it would be greatly used to shake many. The meeting is to be held 500 yards from the White House in the Constitution Hall: Daughters of the American Republic Hall (DAR Constitution Hall) at…

1776 D St NW Washington DC 20006

Then he added:  I WANT YOU TO GO AND STAND UP WITH HIM.  He went into detail that Celeste and I were to go and help in the meeting by prayer and going out on the Street in witness to many people during the meetings.   So at this moment we are planning on attending.  I have made reservations to be there for the beginning services on July 1st.

Please pray for us as we make plans to go.  At this moment we need to raise several thousand dollars to be able to go and have only a few days, so please pray for us.  He said he would help us go, so we are trusting him.  If God touches your heart and you wish to help in this great meeting and HELP US GO TO BE THERE…  please let me know by writing a PM and indicate your desire. 

***NOTE:  I WILL BE SENDING MORE INFORMATION ON HOW YOU CAN HELP.  Watch for it.  ***If you cannot go yourself and stand up, maybe you would pray about helping us go by giving and praying????  PLEASE LET US KNOW. 

We ask you to stand with Rodney Howard Browne as well and to pray for Him and the Great Awakening Team.   For Information all about the meeting, please follow link below to the special web site:  http://celebrateamericadc.com/


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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A BIG Turnaround – Is Coming.. — 2 Comments

  1. Haggai 2:9 (NKJV)
    9 ‘The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,’ says the Lord of hosts. ‘And in this place I will give peace,’ says the Lord of hosts.”

  2. Turnaround

    I sent a photo of a ‘horseshoe vortex’ to Priscilla Van Sutphin. A horseshoe vortex rotates 360deg (turnaround 1 ‘O’) and they also fold over 180deg (turnaround 2 ‘U’). There is a photo of a horseshoe vortex on my website:

    Priscilla then sent this article by Lana Vawser to me:
    [Psalm 78:26]
    I sensed turnaround in the air. Where impossibilities were turning to possibilities. The explosive breakthrough’s happening, the long awaited miracles arising. The Lord is moving things in your favour. Do not be discouraged, do not be dismayed for He is with you and the heavenly winds have been direction to flow in your direction. Not only are signs and wonders, miracles and breakthrough’s exploding on unprecedented levels for many, favour is being released in greater ways. Many have been refined and purified in the “waiting”, and the heavenly winds are starting to blow stronger than ever. He has not forgotten you. His faithfulness and fulfilment of His Word is manifesting in this season. Water is going to spring from a rock. What is impossible is going to EXPLODE into possible. What weariness in the “waiting” has told you will no longer be, or could never be, is ABOUT TO BE.

    The heavenly winds of miracle power are blowing in your favour and a glorious AWE will rest over you at His beauty. This season will leave you AWED and FLOORED.