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A Birthing Season Will Always Look Messy! — 2 Comments

  1. As I take this opportunity to respond.
    I put all my trust in the lord and the Holy Spirit you lead me to where he wants me.
    I know there are lots of battle right now in my life and I know as I encounter this site God wants me to move from the surface to go deeper and I offer myself gorgeous his calling to lead to you.
    So as I continue to pray and kettle go for the things that are in front of me and trusting God for whatever I can not see..in Jesus Name. Amen

  2. Dear Veronika. Yes I will respond. You are welcome to present my name for the Lord and identify the spirit within me. He knows me fully. He knows my circumstances and my physical pain, my chronical clusterheadache and asthma. These days He is healing my emotional burdens. You are welcome to pray for me, and if you have personal questions, or directions, this website has my mail adress. I found out that you are Israelite when you told us, so, now I know why I specifically thought of Israel when writing comment to your articles. God bless you dearly. Lucia

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