A Birthing Season Will Always Look Messy!


In the midst of sudden and swift change we must reconsider what success will look like in this season, and if nothing looks familiar to you and there is a mess, it’s time to rejoice.

You have entered into a Birthing Season!  And for those who know what the birthing process looks like, there is much pain and a lot of mess!  But in the midst of the mess and mayhem new life comes forth.

I Prophesy:   You are now taking your eyes off the mess and refocusing on the new life that is emerging.  I see your expectation rising as supernatural favour is being released for Birthing, Building and Establishing, new kingdom projects, relationships and businesses.

I believe there is an urgency in the spirit realm.  I see the overflow of blessing for the purposes birthing, building and establishing of the Kingdom.

Time is short, so we must not procrastinate and we must not remain passive.  There is an open door and time is now for advancement.  Like never before I hear the command from heaven “To fix our gaze on him.

We cannot afford to be blindsided, bogged down or distracted by the little foxes that come to detail and destroy the fruit in our vineyard.

This morning the word “Reevaluate” dropped into my spirit.  I believe we must reevaluate our faith, our hope, our expectations and the size of our God.

I Prophesy:   As you begin to reevaluate every area of your life in the light of His Glory and grace a divine shift will take place that will determine the flow of what you receive in this hour.  You will be redirected and rerouted.  You will become realigned and re-positioned for radical restoration and radical breakthrough.

Time to let go!

Of those areas that have become unproductive and fruitless, time to walk away from religious deeds and dead relationships.

Many have been stuck, frustrated and weary, in their own strength and wisdom they have tried to build something that is not getting to where it should be, now is the time to let go.

Trust God to lead you into a place of unprecedented increase and overflow.  Lean not on your own understanding.  Trust God to reveal to you a new way and a new strategy that will lead to victory.

Time to release and relinquish those things that have weighed you down and held you back.  Watch!  As you do this the resurrection power of god will breath upon you reigniting your heart to the new season that he has promised to launch you into.

Many of you are hearing the call into new dimensions and higher realms of living and walking vulnerably before god and with one another.

Listen!  I hear the sound of deep calling to deep.  Will you respond?


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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A Birthing Season Will Always Look Messy! — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Veronika. Yes I will respond. You are welcome to present my name for the Lord and identify the spirit within me. He knows me fully. He knows my circumstances and my physical pain, my chronical clusterheadache and asthma. These days He is healing my emotional burdens. You are welcome to pray for me, and if you have personal questions, or directions, this website has my mail adress. I found out that you are Israelite when you told us, so, now I know why I specifically thought of Israel when writing comment to your articles. God bless you dearly. Lucia

  2. As I take this opportunity to respond.
    I put all my trust in the lord and the Holy Spirit you lead me to where he wants me.
    I know there are lots of battle right now in my life and I know as I encounter this site God wants me to move from the surface to go deeper and I offer myself gorgeous his calling to lead to you.
    So as I continue to pray and kettle go for the things that are in front of me and trusting God for whatever I can not see..in Jesus Name. Amen