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A Collision of New and Ancient Ways — 6 Comments

  1. Praise God!!!

    Below is a section of a prophecy Diana Larkin released on her blog yesterday. The prophecy God gave Veronika lines up with Diana’s as they both are about history/ancient times joining with our present time. Convergence. 

    “Don’t WASTE your time magnifying or rehearsing what the enemy is doing. Instead, MAGNIFY Me and look for My ARROW OF CONVERGENCE to SPLIT OPEN the heavens and come to your RESCUE. You will see My FOCUSED POWER on DISPLAY like never before. You will see MY ARROW OF RESCUE.”

    Our GOD is so GREAT and WONDERFUL. Bless Your Holy Name.

  2. I’m reminded of Rick Joyners The “Torch and the Sword” vision, at the very end, when Rick and the young girl, who were protecting the Living Water Stream, were surrounded by a mob of demon infested people, a group of Warrior men strolled toward them through this mob like a hot knife through butter. They were completely unphased by the intimidation tactics of this mob. They simply went to the Living Water Stream, filled some vessels, handed them to Rick and the girl, and sent them to give a drink to the people surrounding them. As the people drank, their entire countenance changed instantly. They were transformed completely and asked that they could bring some water to their family and friends also in this vast mob. They were granted their wish and handled the Vessels as though they were fine china.
    We will be Undefilable, this is His promise to us.
    I was driving to work the other day, I was in the left lane, and about 50 feet in front of me in the right lane was a bald eagle!! It was flying at about the height of my headlights. I sped up to catch up to see it closer when suddenly it did a 180° turn into my lane and came straight at me!! I had to swerve to miss it…..this is a true story. I sat in silence for many minutes just completely blown away by what had just happened, and then I praised the Lord!! I knew this was a powerful sign of what He’s doing, thank you beautiful lady for sharing!! I’m extremely blessed by this post!!

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