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A Communiqué to the American Church — 19 Comments

  1. I’m new to reading this site and this sort of thing. I’ve been approaching every article with extreme caution and facinaton. So far out of everything I’ve read only this article and another article gave me bad vibes.

    Way to say a whole lot of nothing. Empty noise.
    I’ll beleive Trump lost when I see him lose. Just because it looks like it is impossible to fix the situation doesn’t mean it is impossible for God. Nothing is impossible for God. The wicked and the demons influencing them are having a laugh right now but their laughter will be cut short.

    If God needed prayer to do what He wants then then I’m pretty sure the rocks outside would start to pray.

  2. Abel, I have tried reading most of your prophetic word here on HKP and it has already been mentioned that it is obtuse ( slow to understand ) I am sorry to have to say that I find it more than that – the way you jumble up long words – it is obfuscating ( make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible – in short bewildering )

    I would just like to point out the following;

    From “America: The Prophets, The Prophecies and The Prophetic Birthings” dated
    11/11/2020, you said,
    ” I have said time and time again, the prophets were not wrong concerning the intent of The LORD concerning two-time presidency for Donald Trump ”
    OK, so above I believe you acknowledged the “intent” of the Lord through the prophets.

    But in this communique you have said,
    “Certainly, there is a record from The LORD of the fulfillment of the first term presidential mission given to Donald Trump”. In the light of the difference between the two, I hope you are are not suggesting that God’s intended words,(His stated intent) through His Prophets, will return to Him void!!

    And, to me the gist of this “communique” indicates that you attribute the “loss” of the Trump’s election to the negligence of the “American Church” and the failure of the prophets to discern properly the Word of God because of their “pride”.

    I am afraid you are wrong! The purposes of God are not negated by laying at the feet of individual sheep an accusation of not praying hard enough. That is nonsense. God listens to the voice of His People as a whole! I am led to believe by a myriad of Prophets, that the intent of God was to procure a second term for Donald Trump. Now you say that the very word that proceeded from the mouth of God is now negated beause of the failure of the people to pray. What rubbish!

    Trump did not lose and Biden is not inaugurated. God’s move will be ON the stroke of
    midnight, that HIM and Him ONLY may be glorified.

    By My Spirit Saith The Lord

    • Hello Ed;
      For the many things you have said; I will simply say this; there is a difference between, “GOD said he will win”, and GOD said “pray that he will win”.

      Concerning understanding; prophetic understanding increases and the most important thing is that through this process everyone grows deeper in wisdom unto maturity

  3. I also agree with Tanya. Yep, Tanya and MI.  I have not given up hope.  I won’t give up after the 20th!  I heard one prophet say she saw Trump at a podium saying “I will be your President for the next 3 years “.  With God all things are possible!

  4. Hi Able Praise, like many have already commented your word lacks fullness of perspective at this critical juncture.  Please be mindful that the Prophets you speak of each had a specific call and assignment including their testimony of their relationships with God, Himself.

    Daniel, in a high place of government speaking into that government.  Jeremiah a lowly place speaking to God’s people His words that Jerimiah knew would be rejected but spoke them anyway,.  Jonah was to deliver a salvation message to Nineveh that he did not want to give but obeyed nevertheless even in bitterness.

    Each of these prophets were not dependent on prophetic consensus, prayer by the people but singularly obeyed the word of God.  Today is slightly different in that there are many voices trying to maintain consensus, unity and therefore find it hard to stand.  When God speaks HIS WORD, HE will perform it regardless of who is for Him or not.

    We put far too much emphasis and responsibility on our shoulders on whether or not we prayed enough, prayed rightly or wrongly and have not put enough FAITH in God’s ability to bring HIS plans to fruition.

    I encourage you to listen to Wanda Alger’s vlog on “This is where I stand” Be blessed, patient and above stand.


  5. I voted for Trump and read the many prophetic words declaring he was the Lord’s choice and going to win. The Apostle I am under received the word that, indeed, Trump was God’s choice but Biden would win two weeks before the election. Why? Because, as Sharon stated, we did not pray enough and many Christians voted for Biden. I, too, am guilty if not praying enough and accepting the prophetic as a done deal.
    At times God reveals His will to prophets, but we are responsible for doing our part in praying it thru. Other times, God reveals disasters to come, i.e. thru Jonah, and it is up to us to pray against the destruction to avert it or lessen the impact.
    Learning process of prophetic for all of us.

    • I so much appreciate this Ambassador
      That’s exactly the case.
      About seventeen days before the elections, precisely on 16th October 2020 I saw in a dream Joe Biden standing on the presidential podium and inviting Kamala Harris to it. That very day I shared it with Veronika West privately but didn’t share publicly. I continue to believe we could contend and that was the right thing to do until The LORD showed me a decision had already been made. I still didn’t feel led to share that until the right time. There certainly is alot ot learning this process prevents;

  6. Abel seems to be accusing others of pride, a sin to which many of us – if not every single one of us – is prone.  If one’s own prophetic word does not come to pass – or rather the one assumes that it has not come to pass, then might it not be pride for the prophet to claim AFTERWARDS that the word had only been conditional on a sufficient weight of prayer and that OTHER PEOPLE had not prayed enough?  That way, a prophet may deny personal responsibility and place he blame on others whenever a word fails or apparently fails to be fulfilled. Many might regard this itself as a possible manifestation of pride. 

    Also, although prophetic words are conditional, this doctrine may be stretched too far when making only the recipients of the prophetic word accountable but not the prophet.

    • Hello Mark, you are missing the point here. This is generic. In the maturing of every prophetic voice, he must walk through this trial. It’s not an accusation on anyone, as a matter of fact it is actually identifying the prophets responsibility in all of these. It is not for an accusation but for a learning. I too in times past have walked through this; that’s why I always emphasized in every writeup published that this was highly conditional. So it’s neither an accusation or an endorsement; it is enlightening for the purpose of learning and bringing deeper maturity.

  7. I feel this is not the time to come to this conclusion and explain why things haven’t happened as expected.  This is not the end. God is still working out His plans. Give Him time to finish what He started and wait on Him. Wait on Him.

  8. We all have to be so in tune with our FATHER that we do not stray off course. When HE gives us a WORD, we must pray about it, seek HIS face and wait for HIM to tell us when to share. Take all of our human pride (which is of satan) out of the equation.
    We have to be obedient to our FATHER through faith and listen with our hearts, be patient. If HIS TRUE SPIRIT is within us, we will KNOW HIS VOICE. WAIT PATIENTLY ON THE LORD.

  9. What the heck are you saying, talk about straddling both sides of the fence. This sounds like double talk jibber jabber! Are you saying that MULTIPLE DOZENS of prophets ( that I am familiar with) and lay people with dreams and visions ALL got it wrong and fell into your accusation balance and their own expectations?  When things seem hopeless in the natural, I’m very frustrated with prophets and critics “calling it quits” on words spoken as long back as 15 years when Biden hasn’t even been sworn in yet. . .just because we don’t see the fulfillment YET and it seems impossible in the natural, it doesn’t mean the words were “weighed in the balance” and God changed his mind.  Think about Lazereth and remember, it’s just like this Presidential election . . .HE GOT TO BE PRETTY STINKY BEFORE JESUS RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD!!!!  I believe in holding onto Gods words Until there is no flesh on the bone and even then ask. . .CAN THESE BONES LIVE????  Believe the prophets and so shall ye prosper!

    • In my humble submission of what I understood.

      The distinction that the man of God Abel Praise is making is about discernment and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Learning to discern between a Word that is already predetermined and a Word that is dependent on the receiver to pray to fruition.

      A predetermined word shared by the Lord is like the pouring out of His heart to those whom He shares His heart.
      A word that must be prayed through to fruition is typically one that carries a lot of warfare with it. Like the prophesy of Donald Trump winning a second term – that was indeed what many prophets ACCURATELY heard from the Lord, BUT the word needed to be PRAYED INTO FRUITION. And many prophets neglected to mention this second part – so people took it for granted that he would win. And he did indeed win, but it was stolen. Why? Because folks didn’t pray. They sat back and waited for the victory and got a traumatic shock when it did not manifest. Whatever manifests in the physical always starts in the spiritual. The lack of prayer (actually pride or assumption that something is a foregone conclusion) by the church manifested in defeat in the physical.

      Knowing when God is issuing instructions for sharing and knowing when He is inviting you to partner with Him in prayer to see something through (usually the desires of your heart, because He cares about those too), always always requires discernment (hearing from the Holy Spirit).

        • Abel Praise, don’t be ‘deeply honoured’ or whatever. Veronika West whom we all know is a true prophetess of God is the reason why most of us here have even heard of you and accord you some respect. Obviously you are sound in doctrine and mature but I have to tell you, it’s really disappointing that you come out to say this at a time when it’s been declared over only by man and when God Himself hasn’t said so. If you came out months into Biden presidency, would have made more sense. But now, in the middle of war shows that your heart is not as that of the valiant warriors who can stand till the last minute to see the salvation of the Lord. You sound like you would have been explaining to Moses at the last minute, faced with the red sea to just give up his pride and accept the losses and with such heart you couldn’t have fought with Gideon’s 300 or all the other valiant bible warriors.

          Sure, I well know about immutable decrees vs. revelations that can change according to the scales but no! I do not know about caving in the midst of battle like you’ve just done, I’m still standing and will until God Himself speaks otherwise. The media/congress will not tell me when to stop believing God.

          Bless you

      • How do you know folks didn’t pray and war over that word? I know of so many groups of people that fasted, prayed, declared, and warred for that word to come to pass. And that have been doing so since 2000. How much is not enough? Does God say, “Sorry, there were not enough of you praying, not enough of you fasting, not enough of you awake!”

    • Well said CD….. The end has not come. God is a God of the supernatural and his thoughts and ways are higher than ours. DRY BONES CAN LIVE AGAIN. A THIEF ON THE CROSS ENTERED INTO PARADISE WITH JESUS CHRIST AT THE LAST MINUTE…..THE RED SEA CAN STILL BE PARTED AND AN OVERFLOWING JORDAN CROSSED. AMEN.

  10. So what exactly are you saying? This is a very obtuse word for me. Are you saying that pride in the prophetic caused what appears to be a failing of the many prophetic words regarding Trump winning the 2020 election which of course he did but incredible cheating appears to be overturning that win. Would you mind providing some clarification? Thank you.

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