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A Crucial Time of Seeing Answers — 5 Comments

  1. Impressive, When the praises go up his glory comes down (Acts 16:25-26)and(Joshua 6:20)also(Judges 7:22 GNT) Glory to Jesus

  2. Satan is IN BIG TROUBLE!
    Since THREE (3) DAYS AGO, I have been praying, praising my God for the victories won already with clapping, dancing, singing & tearing down satan’ kingdom by blowing my Paper made Trumpets as Apat. Jacob Awagah taught us on HKP!.
    I WON’T STOP! I must reclaim all you(Satan) have stolen from me by force in JESUS Name! More Grace on you Apst. Esther.

  3. Oh Hallelujah!!! Praises to Almighty God!!! I have been in wait mode so long it’s indescribable at this point. My God, my God I want to breakthrough this stuck place. Help me Lord to hang on right up to my place of deliverance and into what you have planned for me since before I was in my mother’s womb. Teach me your ways Lord. Have your way. Lead me and guide me with your righteous right hand!! Glory!!! Glory!! Glory!!

  4. I believe and receive and will act in mouth/mind/praying and praising and declaring,decreeing and be still for I know God is all about Possible-impossibles, haha Amen

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