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A Demonic Epidural Against the Greater Shakings (Updaed) — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful confirmation on stripper poles, back in the 2000’s, friends from work invited me out, we ended up in bar rooms, some with stripper poles.  I had oil on me, so I would place some on my finger & make a cross underneath the bar top, those bar rooms shut down.  When the patrons got drunk & started talking to me, I would LOVE to bring up Christ Jesus & watch how “quickly” they sobered up!  AMEN!

  2. Thank you Veronica for all you seek the Lord about and share. Someone sent me that very video yesterday. It was shocking that it’s went that far in some of the churches. I applaud Mark Driscoll for calling that wickedness out in the church! God bless you. Prayers.

  3. God is going to shutting doors of churches if pastors don’t address the sin in their mist.  This pastor invited satan in his church. How in the world could he do this.

  4. This was a vivid picture she painted for us!
    We bind that Assignment of the enemy’s epidural over our sensitivity to what Holy Spirit is saying, and over our discernment. May it now have the opposite effect; We call our spirits to Awaken to The Holy Spirit; We call for our Discernment to be even stronger; We call for confusion in the enemy’s camp so that none of their plans will succeed in this, in Jesus’s Name, Amen! ⚔

  5. I was a bit embarrassed by my comment on your previous post ‘Prophetic Riddles for Prayer’ where I shared a dream I had after watching the ‘BeeKeeper’ and so tonight I decided I should watch the movie once again since there wasn’t anything else 2 enjoy on the Tv. And this time I had the same dream once again but now the 2 adults were not there, only their daughter. She complained she wasn’t feeling 2 well and as I approached her suddenly a Demon manifested, saying:”I will not leave her, she’s mine!” That’s when I realized I stood in a space between heaven and Earth and I had Blood on my hands so I threw the blood on the demon and said:”Taste this!” Then I drew with my finger a Cross shaped image on the demon and he screamed away like a New Year fire cracker. Now…I love 2 enjoy a good action movie and I’ve seen a lot – but NEVER had THIS happen 2 me be4ore!!! Yes, I read the word every day[almost] and yes it says: “Moreover, because the dream was given to Pharaoh in two versions, the matter has been decreed by God, and He will carry it out shortly.” [Genesis 41:32]

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