A Destiny Changing Connection — 11 Comments

  1. Amen and Amen on God’s Divine Appointment that shifts us into Unity with Heavens Blueprint and Favour Lord we Thank and Praise You for Divine Appointments that will change our lives for Good and for your Glory and we and our household shall See Full Restoration of Everything that the enemy has stolen and we will each be used to Birth and Release your children from captivity Isiaah 61 and as Your Word and song is sung ” One Touch From The King Changes Everything ” so Lord let it Truly be as YOUR PROPHERT has said and Thy Kingdom Come Your Will Be Done on Earth As It Is In Heaven…. We Praise You and Bless Your Holy Name Amen and Amen

  2. Thank you. .. This i exactly for me …Thank u for ministering. .. Am blessed. . GLORY to God!!!

  3. My dear sister Esther ! I receive this blessing in Jesus’ mighty name and power ! I have been praying with gratefulness for all of you who prayed for me and who are comforting me through Scriptures and personal encouragement.

  4. Dear Esther

    May be the Lord is trying to help me with your the word a destiny changing connection.  You see I have been single since the age of 33 and just a few days ago I celebrated my 56th birthday.  All of these years I hoped, prayed, believed and surrender WAITING for that special man that my heavenly dad would pick out for me and after realizing the time of my age I was saddened and just don’t want to go there any hope.  A prophetic word by John Kilpatrick prophetic word 2016 the wind of change and beyond #20.  It was about a person who had a past so full of pain the word he used was replete I needed to look the definition up to understand what he was saying.  Long story short the other day I hit a bottom once again it is difficult to hope any further no more crying and sadness hope differed makes the heart sick.  I ask now that God would remove this desire from my heart the story of Ruth and Boaz is my favorite and I sincerely thank you for sharing the word and stating that you do not know who it was for. Blessings Sue

  5. Woman of GOD,on 2/3/16, I had a vision of being at a well A man I dated years ago was there drinking out of a Red well bucket. I look for understanding of this vision I looked wells, I came to Abraham wells, and Issac, restoring these wells. GOD, is redeeming his people.  Praise, the Lord!!!

  6. Each word from the Lord is such a blessing. I will share with friends and family.  I may need to print this so that I can keep them before me. Thank you for your submission.

  7. Thank You Precious Esther, the words are breakthrough words and resonate with my spirit. This time the Rehoboth blessing, Amen!!God has spoken this as well to me as with Ruth with words of recompense and reward! Surely every pain ,sorrow, test ,trial, fire and many waters will commensurate into His purpose and plan. Going into 2017 with the fire of God. God Bless You!! This WORD SPEAKS TO MY SPIRIT!!!!

  8. Thank you so much Sister Esther! Precious Word! I receive the “Blessings God Spoke through you!