A Diamond in the Rough

diamond imageAssume that you were so protected by My love that you weren’t able to comprehend the work of the evil one against you.  Well, that is what I want you to do.. .to keep your eyes on My glory that you don’t see anything else.  Realize My all-encompassing love for you, and keep your eyes on Me.  For I AM pouring out upon you this moment My glory in brilliant colors.  Yes, the prism of My glory is encompassing you.  I AM encircling you in the brilliance of color of My glory as being in the center of a diamond and looking out.  For I AM the rain, and I AM pouring out right now upon you.  Now just close your eyes right now, and bask in the brilliance of My glory for you are in the midst of it right now, this very moment.

Walk with Me, My lovely one,  My bride. Reach out and touch Me, for I want you to enter into a new dimension of My glory, for I want to wrap you in it as a prism encircling your very presence.  Enter in and escape the realm of the evil one, for he cannot touch you within My intimate presence, within the embrace of My glory and love.  Once you enter in, continue to seek Me even deeper, and I will allow you to enter in even deeper within My intimate embrace.

I AM pouring out upon you My healing anointing, for I want to set you free so that I can move through you, for you are My precious jewel, even My diamond in the rough, but I see you already perfected without any mar or blemish.  Yes, you are brilliant to Me, and I AM beginning to see My reflection in you for you are walking in My glory.  For as you stand in My presence before your Father God, and you allow My Spirit to shine through you, all that will be left of you is My glory shining through.  Yes, it is the radiance of the Son shining through.

Look up for your redemption draweth nigh.  It is closer than you have ever expected.  Reap of the benefits of My kingdom for there are many.  Reach out and touch them and draw them into your bosom.  Pull them into your heart and gain access to your inheritance in full force now.  It is closer now than when you first believed.  Do not give up on the promise for it is right at hand.  Yes, it is right at the door.  All you have to do is to enter in and accept it.  It is in My hand, and I AM reaching it out to you right now like a gift, receive it.

Do not look to the left or to the right, to the wind or to the waves.  Look to Me, My beloved children.  I AM your Father, and I have kept My word and have held it special for the appointed time when I was to give it to you.  For I had a work to do in you, and you had to be ready to receive it.  For if I gave it to you sooner than the appointed time, the process of preparation would be disturbed.  And that is the most important part of perfecting your faith.  For you are a diamond in the rough, but you are perfect in My eyes, and I AM beginning to see My radiance in you, the radiance of the Son of glory shines through you.

So do not look to the left or to the right.  Do not lose focus of what I AM doing in you.  Do not lose hope, but gain strength to continue to press on.  Reach out now and hold on to Me.  Yes, reach out to the hem of My garment and worship at My feet.  Humble yourself before Me, and I will lift you up.  You are at the place of highest power when you remain seated with Me at the right hand of the Father, the place of authority.  So continue to worship Me casting down strongholds through your praises.  Remain focused and you will break through, says your God.


Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard
of At The Father’s Feet website shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet.  I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow.  Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.

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A Diamond in the Rough — 1 Comment

  1. Hello. I normally don’t post on things like this, but I just felt compelled to share.
    Last night, I saw a vision of a rainbow of color swirling about against a black background and I knew it was the Lord’s Spirit.  This went on for a while, then I saw glorious bright white lights beaming from a figure with this ribbon of color swirling around it.  I knew it was the Spirit of God.
    I believe He was showing me new dimensions of His glory.  It was very sweet and calming and I soon drifted off to sleep.  It was so special, I shared it with my husband this morning.  I asked the Lord for an encouraging word today, and He led me to this.
    Thank you for sharing.  It cheered me up.  To God be the praise.  He is such a sweet and loving Father.