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A Early Morning Vision of Jesus Christ — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks.  God once said that we experience some of what He did, the very markings of Christ.  A good reminder to explain some of the hell experienced.

    • May God be praised for giving you the Grace to be visited by His Son our Lord jesus Christ. Yes, He is Alive! Hallelujah! God bless you Prophet Ken with more Anointing.

  2. Ken I saw Jesus years ago in a public space. What struck me was that he was so normal looking but boyish. I didn’t really realize it was him at the time..
    sinners will be gnashing their teeth as the bible says when he comes back don’t be one of them.
    He was clean shaven like a modern person with wavy dark red hair.and attractive. People don’t realize he is attractive. They think he has to be ugly.
    He was a descendant of royalty David who is described as ruddy.
    Praise the I Am.

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