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A Gatherer of Sycamore Fruit — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent topic for ‘Higher Calling’ and divine purpose man of God! While 1Cor.12: shows us spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit – we might consider Rom. 12:6-8 as the Father’s creational gifts. In other words, by gifts/abilities God created w/in us to do by the measure of faith Rom.12:3 received as God apportions to us. While everyone is not called to “prophesy” the prophetic gift/s can be effective in the marketplace. Rom. 12:6-8 gives a few ‘practical’ gifts utilized in the higher call, such as ‘leadership’. The Son gives us Eph. 4:11 gifts – God’s governing cabinet sorta speak. So we see the Father – Son – Holy Spirit in creation for building His Body and Kingdom on earth.  So glad you posted this for deeper study. Amen.

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