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A Great Cloud of Eagles — 3 Comments

  1. Amazing word thank you.
    I was just driving through my part of Scotland, looking at the pine tree tall stumps they leave, which they do to attract the golden eagles who use them as perches.
    I prayed for the warrior eagles to come into formation, into their positions.
    We have a golden eagle on our estate, and in a vision he came to me, as Elijah. There was a nest in this vision with four eggs. One has hatched (an eagle to be in these times). Now a neighbor is moving out, I pray the rest of the eagles sent by God come to live next door to me. Oh Lord do I need them here (eleet place and family God placed me here for a mission)

    Your message is encouraging …maybe the eagles are about to leave their current nest and fly here.

    May the wind of God carry them

    God bless

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