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  1. Brother Chris, I agree with this words as Three years ago i had a vivid dream where i was preaching to a few number of persons under a small roof with a giant Bible opened in one hand & i heard “The dry bones shall live again”.  End of dream. Father, let your revival fire spread to us here in Africa.


    (See cyclone ‘Niran’ a mighty rushing wind; cyclone Niran was birthed into a circle, or REVOLUTION, off the coast of Cairns; it was a wheel within a wheel)

    “(19)The people of the city (of Jericho) said to Elisha, “Behold the city is a good place to live in, as my lord sees, but the water is bad and the land causes people to die. (20)He said, ‘Take me to a new jug and put salt in it,’ and they did so. (21)He went out to the source of the water and threw salt there; and said, ‘So has the Lord said, “I have cured these waters; there will no longer be death and bereavement from there.” ‘. (22) And the water became cured to this day, according to the word spoken by Elisha. (23)He then went up from there to Bethel,and while he was going up on the road, some small boys came out of the city (of Naaran) and jeered him, saying to him, ‘Go away, shaved-head; go away, shaved-head!’ ” (Kings II 2:19-22).

    [Latitude: 31° 58′ 2″ N, Longitude: 35° 27′ 18” E]


  3. I pray for my country also Mauritius,a small island off the south east coast of Africa.
    We are waiting and we welcome The Holy Spirit.
    Dear Lord Jesus we look to you only! Holy Spirit breathe on us
    Praise The Great El Shaddai and his mercy
    Bless you brother

  4. Hmmm, I live in TN and last night I felt called to prophecy to the dry bones.  I think I will look up that Maryville meeting and see if I can attend.  Thanks!

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