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A Key Of Authority For My Bride — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you my sister,
    Your words confirms what the Lord has showed me a long time ,we are now in “the days of Esther”

    “It is a time and season now to elevate you into places of authority.  I have given you the key; I have extended My scepter to you.”

    “…and the king holdeth out to Esther the golden sceptre, and Esther riseth, and standeth before the king Esther 8:4

    • AND that the book of Esther contains the preparation of the Bride;

      “My Bride, during the long winter season you have been perfecting yourself.  You have been hidden away, tucked away with Me in the Secret Place”

      “…AFTER that she had been “twelve months”, according to the manner of the women, for so were (the days of their purifications accomplished) Esther 2:12

      These ‘twelve months’ spoken of is the lunar eclipses, twelve moons(a month= a full moon)together that has appeared in four tetrades from the time when Israel became a nation ( a visible body at the earth).

      “Let those who have ears hear”.

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