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A New Major Revival & Move of God in 2016? — 2 Comments

  1. Back in the middle 1990’s, I was told by God that I would die by the time I turned 32. That was in December of 2005.
    Since then I have been having a spiritual rebirth (I thought I was going to physically die) and I was told I was coming home in September 15th of 2009 …. meaning my path back to God.
    That would put me at exactly seven years of the tribulation in September 2016. I have several health problems including muscular dystrophy, which we all know is incurable to mankind at this date. But I was told by the middle of September 2016 I would have a miracle healing with the muscles along with several other healings in my body.
    I was shown North America having a rebirth, like that of the original 13 colonies. The New Age begins and the world as we know it “begins” it’s ending process.

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