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A New Shake Up — 3 Comments

  1. AMÉN;AMÉN;AMÉN; seems to be to OBEY ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥ now or never, as sharp times will shut down Suddenly, at all levels & degrees of Civilization created by ♥♥♥ABBA♥♥♥.
    Its a SELAH communication Heavenly Godly CALL opportunity MESSAGE.
    If any Rebuke this NOTICE, Your TEST would be “Surely” an unfortunate event..!


    2 Pt 3.1-10

    Mt 24.44

    Ps 34.18

    Rv 16.9-17

    2 Ti 3.1-9

    Jn 14

    Lk 21.21-34

    Mk 13.9-33

    Ps 94

    Eph 4.9-30

    2 Co 5

    Jn 16

    Nhm 1.1-15

    Dn 12.1-12

    Ec 7.1-17

    Ps 77


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