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  1. Wow.. THE PART where you share about soaking and INCREASING CAPACITY IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I’ve been doing that and it works. Of course there’s some internal warfare conflicts that other people are creating, but I’ve discerned the root cause is to take the mind off of the LORD. But if we don’t FOLLOW GODS WISDOM AND PLAN who exactly would be following? It still comes down to THE ECCLESIA. I’d rather GLEAN AND LEARN TO WALK IN STEP WITH GOD than be like the Children of Israel wandering. If I’m tired and there’s a JUDEAN CHRISTIAN BIBLICAL Season for REFRESHING I think like the sons of Issachar it’s better to find out from God what to do, and follow HIS WISDOM, USE THAT OPPORTUNITY TO LET THE WORD OF GOD DWELL IN US RICHLY. Graham Cooke teaches on PRACTICING THE REST OF GOD, AND THE ABIDING LIFE, AND HABITATION….
    Everyone might not be ready for that.  But EASTER and the Holidays are awesome times to RE-NEW THE MIND.

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