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  1. This is an excerpt from the words for the church 2023 wrote. It is clearly all about ‘Unity’ and the lack of.

    In December 2022 whilst at Cambridge Revival Hub, I heard the words:
    W: There is a shadow moving amongst you

    Then a vision:

    V: I saw a spider web, there were many churches of different shapes and sizes stuck in the web, some were trying to struggle free but were contained by the strength of the web. The spider was moving between the churches. As I heard a word given by Stephen (a member of the group) about breaking spiritual chains, the vision changed to the Spirit of the Lord hovering over dark, formless land. As the Lord began to move, His creative force illuminated the land and I saw the whole web being destroyed. The first vision continued and all the churches in the web came into alignment and formed a circle.
    P: It was also relevant that all the churches suddenly became equal size and shape when the Lord moved.

    I had seen the vision of the Lord hovering over dark, formless land two weeks previously. I was then given Genesis 1:2. God is about to do something.

    Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
    Genesis 1:2

    But there is a time before, the time to prepare.

    This is just part of what I released this year. Amen

  2. Having lived in a fishing community touched by many of the revivals, the marks on the communities were plain to see. Grown men weeping in the streets, fishermen heard singing hymns in their boats. Many saved from alcoholism with the resulting poverty, neglect and abuse of themselves and their families. (Fruit of the Spirit is self control). They attend church on the Lord’s day to hear the preaching of the Word. There was a fear and reverence for the Lord. Changed in speech from using the Lord’s name as a curse to it being a treasure on their lips. Instead of chaos, God brought order into their lives. They worked honestly to provide for themselves and their families. Now there are those who have never experienced the kind of chaos and poverty who seem to think it is ‘fun’ or ‘godly’ to encourage people to go back to that.

  3. I am really glad that I found this message of Unity, the Lord began to imprint on my heart with a burden to Pray for Unity in the body of Christ in the 2013-2014 within which period He began to show me his workings towards Unity, it shall be that what shall propel Unity shall not be a Revival but a revolution, in such times of some sort of war would the called come to Unity in Christ.

    Please Can I get your permission to include this post in a book I am working on producing?

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