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A Personal Encounter With Jesus — 4 Comments

  1. I close my eyes and they are there. The presence of each one is different. We are always so interested in the earthy timeline and the events on that continuum that concerns us, but the Father stands at the center and every event on that timeline is accessible to him. For the Father, time is a dynamic expansion of his will. He weaves creation with our wills and His. Creation is his divine tapestry and he the master of the loom, the loom of his manifestation in the earthly realm. But despite this seemingly enormous task, he is intimately aware of each moment in each human life. The thread that runs throughout that tapestry is the Love of God. It would melt away all of your fears to feel these threads that are already woven into your life. Fear not. God is with you, and he gives constant thought to every moment of your life.

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