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  1. in the second dream there were some 3 to 5yr olds but mostly 6 through maybe 15yr olds coming up to altars ……they were very intent with the Lord….then some of the adults in churches wanted to be ministered to ….in this dream somehow I was encouraging them all to worship and pointing at them with my arm extended toward them with such power flowing out of me that I have never seen or experienced before just pouring out of my extended arm to them….when I woke up this feeling of power was still coming out of me…wow it was glorious…a small group of people were objecting to all of this but could not touch us they were the religious denominational

  2. I have recently had two dreams upon which children ages 3 to 5yrs old were flooding the altars crying out for help and deliverance….in the first dream I realized these churches were not ready for this and would deal with the children in a humanistic way and not by Gods way….for most churches were notto taught on how to operate in the spirit using the gifts of the Spirit to deliver these young ones….I remember in the dream of me shouting out for those I knew who were specially trained by the Holy Spirit to handle these situations….they came forth and started ministering to them…..there were believers willing to help so I showed them and taught them to keep with these kids until they were delivered…there were difficult cases

  3. Thank you for this word.  May the Lord set these captives free from the dark basements of terror and deep underground labyrinths of evil.  I pray the baal and moloch worshipers will be turned from their wicked ways and be used for Godly purposes in dismantling the infrastructures of satanic ritual abuse.  May all their wicked schemes be exposed and brought to light and all involved brought to the Lord’s justice.  And may the American people and all the world come to know the depths of the evil that manifests on our watch so that we all may war against it in the Spirit, never allowing this to happen again.

  4. Amen!  We pray for a work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of these children, the Creator God who is able to make all things new.

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