A Prayer for Pakistan in this Time of Need

Note: This prayer may be used for and by any nation suffering trials and persecution; and may be adjusted or amended according to individual needs and situation.


My Father in Heaven, I praise You that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Victor over Satan and his evil powers; that the Lord Jesus Christ  triumphed over them through the Cross and His Resurrection, and that You have highly exalted Him.  I love You, O Lord, and I come before You to seek Your face.

Lord Jesus, I magnify You, for Your absolute purity, absolute holiness and absolute justice, a Judge before whom all people must give account.  Lord Jesus, You are infinitely superior to all powers and authorities of this earth.  You are the name which stands far above all other names, raised up and enthroned with the Father in the heavenly realms.  You are my strong Shelter in times of trouble, danger, and stress.  You are my hiding place to whom I may continually resort, you are my Shepherd and Saviour – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I worship You.

With eternal gratitude, I give you all honour, all glory, all praises, all blessings and all thanks for all you have done, all that You are doing and all that You are about to do; in my life, in my family, in Your Church, in my nation and in all nations.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I declare my unreserved obedience to You, O Lord.  I stand before You Lord and by Your Word and by Your promises, I raise up to You Your nation of Pakistan, where, O Lord,  Your beloved people are suffering from great persecution.  I stand with the 11th year old Christian Down Syndrome girl, Rimsha Masih of Islamabad, who is accused of burning the Quran and of blasphemy.  I stand with her and her family.  I also stand with Christians who were kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam, all those who have died because of the attack by Muslims, all the Christian families who have fled their fiery homes in Faizal Abad, all the Christians who were attacked, injured, all those who died in Issa Nagri, Karachi and all who suffered persecution.  Lord I stand with them all.

Lord, I come to seek Your mercy and Your saving grace for them all.  I lift up to You, O Lord, all Your people who are suffering persecution, slander, false accusations, intimidation, threats, injustice and poverty, all those who have lost their loved ones, their home and all belongings, all those who are injured in Pakistan, all those who are living in fear and suffering spiritual and physical poverty, and all Your beloved people who are crying out to You, Dear God!  Lord, I stand with them all.

O Lord, as Your people call upon the name of the Lord, please hear their cries and prayer, please see their desperation and their brokenness, see their pain and their sorrow, see their needs and burden.

O Lord God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I come against all the works of the enemy, all the powers and principalities over Pakistan and I bind the spirit of darkness, the spirit of hostility and the spirit of oppression, the spirit of fear and the spirit of poverty as they hover over Your precious people and over Pakistan, especially those affected in the cities and villages, O Lord!  Yes Lord, I rebuke the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!  The people of God do NOT submit, WILL not submit!

Lord, have mercy on Your suffering children and all who are mourning for the dead, O Lord!  I plead for the Blood of Jesus to cover all Your suffering people and I pray for Your Holy Spirit to fall heavily now on Pakistan, O Lord, for You are our refuge, our shelter, our tower of strength and our shield.   As Your people stand with their shield of faith held high, O Lord, I declare that all fiery darts of the enemy fall will before them, even before they reach them, and no harm shall befall Your people any further.  Amen!

Lord Jesus, I pray that Your divine intervention and Your righteousness will bring justice in Pakistan and that You will vindicate Rimsha, the other kidnap victims and all those who are suffering under the hands of your enemy.  Let those who were kidnapped or held by the enemy be released back to their families, unharmed, O Lord!  Lord, I also pray for the healing of all who are traumatised, that Lord, You will heal the wounds of their hearts, their physical body, mind, and spirit.

By Your grace and power, let Your church stand strong in unity, in harmony, in peace and aligned to Your will, in one accord, O Lord.  Let the Body of Christ yield to You in obedience, that they will be able to stand strong on Your Word and Promises.  O Lord God, I know that Your Word which goes forth from Your mouth, does not return to You void; but accomplishes what You please and prospers the things for which You sent it.  Be glorified, O Lord, be magnified!

Dear Lord God, as Your people put on the full armour of God, as they put on Jesus and remain faithful in You, may your presence go with them.   May Your mighty hand and Your favour rest upon them and the nation of Pakistan at this critical time.  Let Your holy angels surround them and protect them and their families in Jesus’ name, I pray.
Yes Lord, I stand in the gap for all our brothers and sisters in Christ in Pakistan, that no weapon that is formed against them shall prosper, and every tongue that arises against them in judgment, I do condemn!   This is the heritage of all the servants of the Lord and my righteousness is from You, O Lord of Hosts!

Lord, I pray for the Muslims, the sons of Ishmael in Pakistan, that by Your grace, they shall be saved and that they will be blessed with an encounter with You, O Living God, which will change their lives forever.  Let their hearts turn to You as they will turn from their wicked ways.  Have mercy, O Lord, have mercy, for they know not what they are doing.

I declare Your Kingdom people in Pakistan be set free from captivity and that every darkness will loose them now, in Jesus mighty name!

By Your grace and mercy, O Lord, please grant Your people all spiritual, financial and living needs.  By your grace and power, may the people and the nation of Pakistan be healed, restored and bear fruit for Your glory, O Lord.  Let Pakistan take her position and rise up, Lord, to enter into her destiny as a sheep nation.  Let Pakistan sing praises and worship  You, O Lord.  Let Pakistan be equipped and  be prepared to usher Your Second Coming; the return of the King of Glory, I pray.  May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in Pakistan, on earth, Lord, as it is in heaven.  I proclaim that the kingdom, the power, the victory, the glory and the dominion are all Yours, now and forever!

In Jesus’ mighty name, I ask and pray.

Amen and Amen!


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