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    This little note has been 40 years in the making, by one who has failed much, and is directed primarily to those who have been called as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. These are the equipping gifts that that Jesus refers to in Eph 4. It is noteworthy that His first recorded action upon His ascension was to give these gifts to His church, so that His church could “be equipped, in order to”attain”and as a result to “build itself up in love” so that we would be a showcase to the world of our precious Saviors love, through the power of His Spirit. That’s His agenda today!!!!! BTW this is what the enemy fears most!

    As our precious Lord and Savior prepares His church for His imminent return, there will be varying degrees of receptivity to this preparation within His Body. The 2nd and 3rd chapters of the book of revelation, provides with much needed insight as we endevour to see this current condition of His Body from His perspective and mindset. This section of scripture gives us a glimpse into various conditions of His Body through the ages, as well as what we His body will be held to account for on that great day when we will all stand before Him to give an account for what we did in His Body on this earth “whether good or worthless”, (1 Cor 3:10-15).

    It’s quite interesting to note how Jesus called out the religious leaders of His day for not recognizing the “signs of the times” Math 16:13, thus they missed His coming, why? because there agenda was different from our Lords agenda. Similarly if you were to see things from His mindset today,what He desires to reveal to His saints is that we are living in the day of the “lukewarm” church, which also has a differing agenda from our Lord. We find in Rev 3:15-16 that the predominate condition of the end times church depicted in the church of Laodicea according to our Lord is that of a being “lukewarm”. Perhaps some very good questions to ask ourselves would be, 1- what does our Lord mean when He says “lukewarm”? 2- how did our precious Saviors church get to a place where He says about His bride to be- you literally make me want to vomit? – (1692 eméō – properly, vomit (MM); (figuratively) repulsed, showing utter rejection (desiring total separation); “to reject with extreme disgust”) 3- was this” lukewarm” condition of which the end times church finds herself a sudden occurrence , or was this a condition that has been progressing over many generations? 4- is this “lukewarm” condition the result the adversary’s strategy? If so what does this strategy look like? and how was he able to implement it to the degree we see today? where the “oneness among His Body that He so earnestly desires has never been so distant? John17. And then perhaps most importantly, 5- since our Lord foresaw this condition and it does not take Him by surprise. Does He have a plan for awakening and energizing His Body, so that His Body can once again fulfill His eternal purpose for which she was born? in order to function as an instrument that reflects His Light, Life, Love, and Glory?

    Our Lords agenda today centers on a revelation by the Holy Spirit to these “equipping gifts” of exactly what His agenda is for re-aligning His church today, and perhaps even more importantly, what are His ways for accomplishing His work? We start this task exactly where His disciples started in Math 16:13-19 where Jesus is revealed as the Messiah to His disciples. The “keys of the kingdom that our Lord spoke of are centered on one primary key, -which is always a revelation in our spirit not our intellect of 1- Who is the Lord Jesus Christ? 2- Why did He choose to come to this earth and die for my sins? 3- When He completed His work on my behalf, what did He accomplish for me as His son. Is it primarily to get me a ticket to Heaven? Or is that just the beginning of discovering His riches that He wants me to fully access while I reside on this earth? 4- As a result of His finished work on the cross,who does He desire to be in my heart? What does this look like in real time? If your not sure on that one, your wife will be an invaluable asset to help you.. 5- Perhaps most importantly what are His ways for pulling this off? remember Moses in Ex 33:13, The Lord had a special thing going with Moses because Moses was one of the few who sought His face, to know Him and His ways, all the others sought His hand and His works.

    As the Lord begins to move on His chosen instruments, many of whom ceased building with “wood,hay, and straw” years ago, they will have realized the incredible value that our Lord places on “taking up there cross daily” in order to become nothing so that He can be everything in us- your waiting is not in vain. These will have both seen and experienced the necessity of continually developing their capacity to hear His voice (discern what is of Him or not) Heb 5:14,-so that they can stay focused on the “one thing” mentioned in Phill 3:13. The enemy of our souls has had a consistent strategy against the church from the beginning, that is to keep all Christians in an infant stage of spiritual growth so that he can keep us divided and manageable. He does this by getting us away from the “one thing” that is the one basic foundational aspect of living the christian life. he does this by getting us to focus on secondary issues and then other things, many of which appear to be very worthwhile.

    If you took all the christian teaching ever taught through the ages, and were able to condense it down to the the one most critical concept taught in the Word you would wind up with “one thing” Phill 3:13 (which is the attainment of a greater measure of Christ daily,-“Christ in you, the hope of glory” Col 1:27) through revelation of the Holy Spirit. When Paul got saved the first thing he asked the Lord was, “what do you want me to do” Acts 22:13, yet we find at the end of his life sitting in a jail cell in Rome facing execution that he boldly proclaims “one thing I do”. If you haven’t yet received an experiential understanding today through the Holy Spirit of what this means , then I urge you to humble yourself, maybe cease building in His kingdom with wood,hay, and straw? And ask Him to begin to develop your capacity to hear His voice “in the moment” in the little things in your life.

    In closing I would ask you to be in prayer for the leaders of His Church today, specifically that we would learn His ways so we would cease limiting His ability to work through us, so that we would fulfill our Lords deep desire that we would be one in Him. Sometimes we are blind to our unknown affinity to prefer ourselves and good ideas, over His revelation of Christ.  2 Cor 6:12

    a hidden voice in the desert – almost summer 2020


  3. Amen! Come Lord Jesus!  Holy Spirit thank You that YOU are our Truth! & Father I decree “Amos 5:24” through out the Earth, because YOU LORD-are the GOD that Loves Justice! So we Pray your Word that says: “Let JUSTICE Run down like a River & Righteousness like a MIGHTY STREAM!☝

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