A Prayer Releasing the Glory

Gazing into glory cover imagveThis in an extract from Dr. Bruce D. Allen‘s book. “Gazing into Glory: Every believer’s birthright to walk in the supernatural,”  (pages 237-239.)

HKP highly recommend this book to all Christians as the first book which we wanted to start re-reading and studying in depth, even before we finished reading it for the first time!!  An eye-opener!

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“I am going to pray a prayer, and when I pray this prayer about releasing the Glory.

I want each one of you who is reading this to stir up that which is within you and release it now.

If you have a need in your body or in someone you know, you can release it into that area of your body or their body.


Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You Your Word is true.

We are in the Glory and the Glory is in us.

Now, Father, by an act of our will, I am asking that You would fill us anew with The Holy Spirit and power, with an endowment of that Glory, as we, by an act of our will, release that glory, right now.

Father, all sickness, all disease, all death, decay, and corruption must leave our bodies in the Name of Jesus.

Right now, the Zoe Life of God fills us an new.

Now, Father, we release the Glory into our homes, into every corner, nook, and cranny.

All mildew, mold, decay, corruption, and everything that is not life is eradicated out of this home in the Name of Jesus.

Now Father, we decree this is a place where Your Throne of Glory has free reign.

And we thank You, Father, that in the Glory there is no lack.

Every need is met sovereignly, supernaturally, beyond our understanding, beyond what we could ask, think, reason, or imagine.

You meet every need, because as He is, so are we in this world.

Thank You, Father.  Thank You, Father.

Father, I am asking You right now, ratchet it up a notch.

Prophetic Word from The LORD

It has been My Hearts desire for many generations to raise up a generation that would yearn and long to know Me face to face, to move aside the religious blockade that has been placed between Me and My people.

And this is the generation that I have chosen to know their God face to face.

And so, I am releasing to this generation and to My people an understanding of My Word by the breath of revelation that I release by My Spirit.

And I am releasing My people from chains that are not made by human hands, but that have been made by tradition and that have been made by human reasoning and that have kept you from the Kingdom of God.

For I have chosen you in this generation to walk in the courts of your King, to see that land that is far off, and to know your God in ways past generations never even imagined.

And I am stirring up within you; a greater hunger and an understanding of the deep things, the secret things of the Most High.

For you are a peculiar generation.  You are a generation that shall see the fulfillment and the conclusion of the matter.

You are a generation that has been chosen by Me to show forth the praises of your God, and you shall do that by coming into the fullness of the stature of the knowledge of God whose you are.

And so I am saying to My people tonight, My Heart that has yearned for this moment is now being fulfilled because My desire is fulfilled.

And in the days ahead, I will take you on an adventure in the realm of the Spirit beyond anything you could ask or think of — beyond even reason or a comprehension of carnal nature, but it will resonate within your spirit to such an extent, because you are My children, made in My image, created for My Glory, and you shall know My ways.”


For his glory,
~ Bruce Allen

Dr. Bruce AllenDr. Bruce Allen, is the founder of Still Waters International Ministries, PO Box 1001 Chewelah WA, 99109 United States.  It is Bruce’s passion to see the Body of Christ awaken to their destiny in this hour by equipping them to hear God’s voice and access the reality of the supernatural in every day life.

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