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A Prophecy to The Nations — 5 Comments

  1. Yes He is moving with a spirit of prayer upon the people and churches that are open to him. I have seen this even today in our own church. We are to be warriors for the kingdom of Righteousness. Last week I went with my daughter to our old church near her place and God moved so powerfully there too. As the world is growing darker, God is causing His true church to rise up. Holy Ghost fire is about to fall. People are getting serious about their shallow faith. God is taking us deeper.  It’s the separation of the sheep and the goats.

  2. Cyclone Joshua formed several days ago as did cyclone Kimi. I hear the Lord saying that everything, everything that opposes Him will either be removed from the true (wise virgins) church or He will remove His people from the false (foolish virgins) church. Who is going to argue with cyclone Joshua? I have learned that Joshua did not capture the city of Jebus. However, King David captured the city that would be known as Jerusalem. Glory to God

  3. Tipical of the kind of prophecies that Ty Unruh was teaching for in his preaching for the True Prophecies vs Fake ones, published yesterday at HKP. Beware of Hananaias that always prophecy for very good and prosperous days ahead. In time line of the Revelation, we are running toward the end not vice versa. How are the days going to be the more we approach the end, sunny or dark? Answer yourselves by reading the Bibles and you will start to distinguish fake hopes from real hopes. There is no lifting up without being humbled first, there is no humbling without true repentance. I would love very bright days to come, but I know is not gone happened, at least not until Christ returns. Meanwhile, He will always take care for His people, even in the darkest hours that are approaching in the horizon. Who believes in Him will live even if he/she will have to die.

    • Yes, so true and we know that even if everything around us goes dark and in chaos but there in our heart we carry and will still carry God ‘ s light and peace beyond measure.
      His joy is our strength .
      Bless you

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