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A Prophet’s Job — 4 Comments

  1. I have learned that some things do not come to pass for many years. So, I do not put a timing on things unless I am 100% sure. The longest was approximately 16/17 years later. At the time I was given this word, there was no chance of it happening. However, it was correct later on. I have never put a name on myself as a prophet. But I have at times had prophetic knowledge. This has taken different forms and has been for different purposes. It also takes time to discern things sometimes and before I am sure of what the message is, it is all too easy to think it is something else in my life or try and interpret things and not get it right. I have never publically spoken up as I am still learning and don’t ever want to give a wrong word. But it is now reaching a point I need to speak out.

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