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A Quick Fix May Not Work — 4 Comments

  1. Indeed, there is no quick fix. Healing is a process. Our God is compassionate,gracious, merciful; we are made in His image.  He will help us forgive. Appreciate what is left. As long as the Lord keeps us breathing, cleave, please and obey Him. Do not succumb to despair; the enemy is a thief. You don’t know who are quietly being influenced by your obedience to God and His Words. Remain where He placed you, if your life is not in danger. Deliverance will come. May the Lord show to others His strength through you. May others see that He is our Helper!

  2. This is a bitter truth that many of us don’t want to hear. God always have his own way, thoughts which is different from ours;, an appointed time, season & conditions expected to be kept by us His children for every blessings. Unfortunately, like Naaman, many of us want it done quickly in our own ways without heeding to God’s instructions. Lord, grant us your Grace to heed to your instructions. Thank you Prophet Ken.

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