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A Romance With the King! — 8 Comments

  1. A timely word – thank you. I was succumbing to the atmosphere of discouragement, sadness, anger, and negativity. Turning away from these emotions and turning to the Lord and His love makes it very difficult to stay in that place. Abiding in Him changes me and I become more and more like Him. He is the Answer! His love for and in me will change the atmosphere for me and those I influence.

    • Thank you Joyce for your input. It is so good to hear from those who give comments about how the Lord spoke to them specifically. May the blessings of the Lord abound to you in 2024 as you arise and take hold of His unchanging hand. Sandi Holman

  2. How much plainer can it be??? Love…God is LOVE…and He brings together relationships with His LOVE.
    A powerful word for the times we are living in today. Thank God for this powerful, prophetic
    message through Sandi !!!

    • Hello again my husband, Gerry. I am grateful for your agreement. Your viewpoint is always good and we must always get understanding of how to apply His love and His word in the world we are living in today that has been such a challenge. Love and prayers, Sandi

  3. Sandi I am very blessed to read this beautiful word.  I have been in a battle with my emotions since the death of my husband and two other members of my family just last year.  i have been seeking the Lord even more and I love what He said: I AM transforming your life by my gentle Grace. “I AM turning situations around in your favor — Much love to you and yours!!!

    • Dear MF, I am truly blessed by your comment especially as you often and especially now express how the prophetic word affects you spiritually and especially emotionally. It has been a long time since I was challenged emotionally as much as I have been in the last year in every area of my life it seems. I feel as though I have been in a dry desert and cannot get enough water to satisfy me and the loneliness has been very character building I think in areas I did not know existed. His grace has been so wonderful to embrace. I pray you are uplifted in ways you never expected and carried forward in the arms of your Bridegroom to deeper waters of His love that brings new life in 2024 Love and prayers, Sandi

  4. Sandi, this word touched me very deeply! Just pulling out this warning for now as it will help the ones who listen to what you wrote from the Lord: “Don’t blame the enemy for those things you are responsible for.
    Any soldier who is running into the enemy’s camp is a fool. The enemy’s success is dependent on your ignorance and lack of wisdom,” says The LORD.
    If we all would take heed so much warfare would stop! Who wants more that don’t belong to us? The Lords Word is rich with many instructions along these lines. One place about meddling in affairs that don’t belong to us for e.g. God wants us wise and wisdom belongs to Him. So let us seek Him in the beauty of true holiness. Much love and prayers my friend and sister. ❤️

    • Hello my friend, Joyce. Yes, that part about not blaming the enemy got my attention as well, (smile sista) He does get the blame for everything especially we will rise up with a judgmental attitude and the Lord has to step in to bring correction to us also. Yes, we do not know our own hearts. It has been my tests of a lifetime endeavoring to write a book about the heart. We are in a war like no other when there are so many demonic and fleshly issues in our world today. Thanks for your wise input. Love you much. I am blessed to call you friend. Sandi

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