A Season of NO Compromise or Tolerance!

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Teaching the Word of God

One thing I know that as an Apostle who also has a strong prophetic mantle and a intense teacher’s anointing, I must be careful that nothing I do or say is outside the word of God.

There is no revelation or prophesy that I present to the people that should contradict the character of God or the standards of His word.  There is nothing that anybody can bring to me that can persuade me to accept as new, if it totally contradicts the standards that God has set as holiness and righteousness.

I repeat, God will never speak anything that is contrary to what He has spoken and established.  There are persons who are now in the Body of Christ preaching and prophesying what they say are new doctrines that God have been given them, that totally go against God’s will and word.  So many are getting caught up in strange and foolish teachings, because they won’t take time to read the word themselves.

How can you know God’s voice if you have no knowledge of His word to align you to Him?

You have to know Him beyond the opinion of others.  You have to become intimate with Him yourself.  The words of others should only push you into learning about God and desiring to know Him personally, so that you won’t get pulled into man-made doctrines and traditional teachings that pulled you more into man made rules than into liberty in Christ.  Meaning there are traditions we preach and teach that have nothing to do with the Word, but are spiritual generational cliches, that we have never researched, that we have taught through the years.

As teachers of the word, we need to research and teach from a biblical concept of what God is saying, rather than our carnal mind of human understanding.  Teachers should teach with the Spirit of God the wisdom of God and spiritual discernment and the knowledge of His word so that any revelation they release always is in alignment with the character of God and God’s word.

The bible says that His sheep know His voice and a stranger they won’t follow but will flee from a strangers voice, (Read John 10).  To know His voice, you must get to know Him.  Too much deception is going on in the Body of Christ for us not to get in the word so that we won’t be deceived by men and women of God that have their own agendas and are making followers for themselves instead of disciples of Christ.  I say this with all sincerity, but some of us leaders need to go back and get in the word and study some more.  We need to go to SOUND DOCTRINE UNIVERSITY and let the Godhead (Father, Son and the Holy Ghost) be our professors.

We get off course when we begin to think that we are smarter than God.  Know that God doesn’t need you to perfect Him, but we do need the word to perfect us.

NOTE: If your revelation or your prophecies don’t line up with the word and character of God I don’t want to hear them.

God will never agree with any sin in fact anything that’s not like Him and he won’t have you preach or prophesy what totally offends Him or His word.  This is the GET SOMEWHERE and SIT DOWN with your doctrines of devils and false teaching season.  If it’s contrary to the word, I will not and I refuse to accept it and neither should you!

The Pride of our own Salvation

I am going to need you self righteous people to delete yourselves right now.  There is no need for us to remain friends or in contact, because I don’t condemn people, but I will release a word that will convict.

You are hollering everything is a sin, but your Leviathan spirit is going to take you to hell before anybody else go.

This pride is going to get a whole lot of people in trouble.  Nothing bothers me like people who forget where they come from, then have the audacity to have no love or compassion for those who are not fully where they need to be, but they are striving to get there.  Instead of them encouraging them, all they do is talk negative or put them down.

Listen, we all need to work out our own salvation.

God is Moving!

Church was so good today.  The power of God fell in the house and the word came forth, THIS OIL WILL NOT RUN OUT!!!

My goodness.  The Lord had spoke yesterday and said by this time today we will know we have shifted and elevated.

I found out today, as God began to use me, that I have surely shifted to another apostolic and prophetic dimension.  The revelation and impact of the prophetic word was precise and on time.  We needed to understand that we are at a set time for God to bring us to our prophetic destiny that He has established! I

Thank all who came our today and Prophet Anthony –  God surely used you today!  The Women of God began to birth as you released that worship and word to push.  I didn’t want to be rude, but I turned my face to the wall and left them here on earth and went up into the throne room and God release a greater dimension of the prophetic upon my life.

Don’t forget what The Lord spoke and said through the Prophet, the next 27 days we will experience continuous visitations and on the 27th day at the 12th hour what we have been impregnated with shall burst forth.

I saw babies dropping out of people this afternoon.  I saw change overtake them and answers revealed.  God is doing great things in this season for the people.  Get ready.  God is moving.

It’s a New Season

God gave me a word yesterday for those that were in the service and said, THIS WAS A PRIVATE PROMOTION.

It was by invitation only.  He didn’t want everybody to know your elevation.  Sometimes God won’t let everybody see your new dimension of consecration until He is ready for you to walk in it.  Some of you have been running from your Saul and your Judas but God connected them to you.

I heard it again, PROMOTION ENEMIES!  You need them to perfect your promotion and to fulfill your destiny. Your Saul is about to die and your Judas is about to hang himself. Yes The Lord spoke and said yesterday to me, NOW THE SET TIME TO FAVOR YOU HAS COME.  Some of you are in your set time your favor has come and is released!  You better believe it’s A NEW SEASON!

Faithful true tried in the fire persons are about to receive an outpouring of God’s Spirit and His blessings.  The BREAKERS ANOINTING was in the house!  Breakthroughs every area of your life.  By this time tomorrow things shall begin to happen.

A season of no Compromise, no Tolerance!

The Spirit of The Lord keeps speaking to me this morning saying, TRAUMATIC CHANGES!  There are some things God is getting ready to do that will seem shocking and disturbing to some.  This transition in this season will cause a lot of emotional disturbance because there will be an uprooting from the familiar into unknown places.

Spiritually and naturally your comfort zone will be shaken.  You will be put in a position that requires you to make a choice to obey or walk in disobedience.  Many will miss their time of shifting because of fear of the unknown.  They will remain in a disobedient place because they refuse to make the changes necessary for their new season.

They would rather remain in their wilderness then to trust God directions and come forth because He is requiring them to walk in a realm of faith they have not been in before. God has also been dealing with me concerning 1 Kings 13 concerning the old and young prophet.  He was saying this is what is happening now.

He is speaking through those that appear to be inexperience but have a sure relationship with God and are being obedient and releasing words of not just blessing but He is calling them to bring warning to those that are especially in leadership that have gotten out of order and those that are experience is using words of deception to try to block them and disqualify them from being a mouthpiece for God.  He said some whom He is calling to prophesy in this season, to proclaim to the earth His next move, are connected to SOME of these seasoned prophets, who have gotten out of order, but yet operate in a gift and they are directing them into disobedience to the will of God.

This is the season where many are going to be offended by the boldness of those chosen to prophesy and preach.

They will be offended because they will refuse to speak swelling words and lies but they will be forthright and forthcoming with the uncut word of God.  They will not dilute the word with compromise.  Yes this season will be totally opposite of what some have been expecting.

The power of God is going to do a work in us like we have never experience.  This will be a season of much deliverance uncovering revealing.  This is also a season of taking away.  He shall remove out of our lives the crutches and those we have made a god and idol.

Some will be removed from leadership that they worship.  The jealousy of God will be strong and He will absolutely refuse to share His glory with no one in a person life.  The king Herod spirit will be destroyed.  The pharaoh leadership will be dealt with severely.

This is a season of no compromise, no tolerance.  Yes there is a shaking taking place God is moving with a mighty hand to bring order back to once again get the church back into it’s position of power and authority.  For some, it will be a time of elevation so that God can use those vessels that have been tried and proven but hid away until now but for others it shall be a time of grief and woe because they wouldn’t repent and turn from their wickedness and get back in the position to be used once again by God.

This is a time of no nonsense in the Kingdom of God.  Being watchful prayerful and alert in this hour because the separation is happening and those on The Lord side truly do know what time we are living in.

Listen very attentively in this hour.  You don’t and can’t afford to miss what God is doing in the earth.  Being out the will of God, will be very costly in this season.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


A Season of NO Compromise or Tolerance! — 3 Comments

  1. Sister, and I do say sister and mean what I say, Thank you! Words can Never express what is in my heart. So here I say, AMEN!!!!

  2. ….”He who despises his neighbor lacks sense, but a man of understanding keeps silent. He who goes about as a talebearer reveals secrets, but he who is trustworthy conceals a matter”…. Proverbs 11:12-13 NASB

    ….”Death and life are in the power of the tongue”…. Proverbs 18:21a

  3. Praise God!!!  As I read “A Season of No Compromise, No Tolerance!”  It confirmed all that Holy Spirit spoke in my spirit on 8/19/15. The Word He had me give to the pastor of the church was not received as I knew it would not be because of the leviathan spirit.  The church fellowship is not growing, neither the church “ekklesia” because of the stronghold of leviathan and since I am “new” to the church fellowship but not “new” to how Holy Spirit moves and the calling God has upon me.  I have seen many of leaders/pastors fall because of this “stronghold” upon them. I usually do not like to speak to the leaders/pastor because of the retaliation towards me yet, I must obey my God!!!  When the Lord gives a Word/Words through me for them, I would go to this site, read what you have written as the Spirit speaks through you and say, “thank you God and bless her, I heard correctly and now I must speak to the leader/pastor.  Keep posting what “thus saith the Lord”!  Blessings