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A Seat in the Warring Assembly of The LORD Jesus Christ — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, dear brother. Long ago…. I attended an International Church in South Germany.  Most of the brethren were from Lagos and Abuja. The pastor was from Ghana. Strong services, with the earth shaking while we sang worship songs. A man named “Azuka” and I were engaged. Wedding in Denmark (…) cancelled, was prevented by some of the strangest circumstances and people. I found here at HKP strong and powerful sermons, hard work, very intense good work written by African pastors. I dearly appreciate it.
    UPDATE to my situation: I had a good nights rest, thankful for the time I do have now, and by the grace and promises of OUR LORD: No lack of basic things. I KNOW, The LORD will multiply my blessings. I wish this for you, too.

    • Greetings Myriam,
      So glad to hear from you and know you’re refreshed by the resources here at HKP. Continue to rest in The LORD and THE LORD will lead into all HIS good will.

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