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A Set Time to Advance the Army As One — 8 Comments

  1. I’m so glad Holy Spirit led you to repost this Sandi, it’s so encouraging!!
    God bless you beautiful lady, and
    Merry Christmas!!

    • Thanks, Cherish, I really a glad I did because it seemed so very timely for this very moment. God bless your beautiful heart and Merry merry Christmas to you as well. May we hold our heads high as we arise to the best new year ever! Love and blessings, Sandi

    • Greetings,James Michael, You are so welcome. I am blessed to hear your confirming comment. May He bless you as you move forward holding His hand, and may He keep you in all your ways as you seek His keep and keep yours as well in Jesus Name. Blessings for a Merry Christmas, Sandi Holman

  2. Hi Sandi,
    What a word. I was thinking only yesterday about the I AM’s of Jesus! Now today you confirm, and more than that! Then you confirm about seeking a closer relationship with Him! I am blessed.
    Thank you, & God bless you

    • Grateful for your confirmation, Chris. We so often take too lightly that I AM is our everything and all we need. Many blessings, Sandi

  3. Sandi, so beautiful!!
    Yesterday, after tripping around in my mind a bit, I read this post. I turned off all sound and just basked in His presence, WOW is all I can say!! 
    WOW, And thank you!!
    God bless you beautiful lady. :)

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